Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Blessings

A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all !

When I count my Blessings--you are all included, what a warm and loving bunch of people that I feel so privileged to have become friends with!!

Big Christmas hugs all around, and wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Now, I'm going to go and finish wrapping gifts and watching the blizzard blow the snow around!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yup!! Still here!

Still here, alive and kicking! We are in the midst of a big shovel out this morning. Seriously, I think we are going to have to have a big fundraiser and collect monies to send our weather people back to meteorology school or something--lol! Saturday, they predicted 4"-6" of snow, we got 14". Yesterday they predicted 1"-3", we got 19"!

Our town, Duluth, is a loooong city, it sits on a tall hillside and runs along the point and shoreline of Lake Superior. All in all I think it's about 26 miles long (ballpark guesstimate). The storm that blew in yesterday and last night came from the east and blew strongly to the west and brought lots of snow with it. What is so weird about this is that we--who live on the WEST side of town, got 19" of snow yesterday. The EAST side of town only got about 4".

My hub recently got a rebuilt snowblower (rebuilt by a friend of his)--and was pumped up that he wasn't going to have to shovel by hand this winter. Well, on Sunday, he had his chance to try out his snowblower--but, much to his chagrin, the auger had been put on backwards and was pushing the snow away from the machine instead of into it! lol So he had to bring it back to the guy who rebuilt it (who is quite embarrassed to say the least hahaha!), who still has it-- and then guess what?? The second storm hit! He is soooo bummed! Poor sweety :o(

OK--I'm sure you have all been busy as little beavers--everyone getting ready for Christmas! Are you all buying HANDMADE this year? I hope so, let's get this world back to where it should be by supporting the people who are trying to make a living with their art/craft---plus you get the coolest and most unique things, made with love and care! Yeah--it's a win/win!

I was just notified this morning that I am featured in A Punkin Card Company's blog--go check her out! She is a real sweety!!!

I also had a blurb on B. Inspired Boutique's blog about a week ago. She has a beautiful blog, and a fun way of writing her reviews--be sure to check her out too!

Speaking of people who are trying to make a living *grin*, here are a few of the things I've been working on latelyI did up another fuzzy bunny--this one holding tags that read "love". I really love making the stuffies--but they take so much TIME, grrr! I really need to start planning for Christmas earlier (I know, I say that EVERY year!) lol.And here's my newest bagkeeper--Pretty Puppy--hot off the sewing maching! He is all done up in blues and greens. I will be listing him in my shop a little later today.
Now, here is something just ridiculous--I LOVE this fabric. When I bought it (about 3 months ago) and saw it in person, I just couldn't get over how gorgeous it is! It's really a different color scheme than I'm used to and I couldn't figure out right away what companion fabrics to use with it, so I stuck it off to the side. Welllll, it ended up getting buried in a big old stack of fabric and I just found it again yesterday! LOL! How is that for a flake huh? I paired it up with some rich and gorgeous charcoal corduroy and some vintage gold rick rack to make this GORGEOUS drawstring bag --I really think this is one of my favorites ever (which means, guess who's making one to keep?!)OK--this is the last one--I promise! ...........*sure, she doesn't write for over a week, and then babbles on and on, grumble, murmur*...........I was inspired by some ornaments I saw in an old Mary Engelbreit magazine to make this little heart with the black and white beads! In a fun, non-traditional color too. I think it'd be cute to hang on the tree, but this is one you that would be fun for a teenager, then they could hang it in their room for the rest of the year.

Oh, and one more thing--I'm running a shipping special in my shop for the next few days--you can read all about it in my Shop Announcement. It's always nice to get a deal at this time of the year!

Have a wonderful day!! Hugs.
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