Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Inspired Challenge and Cabin pics

Hello friends! I have some fun going on with my Etsy shop this week. There is a group of gals who do what they call "Etsy Inspired Challenges" --this is where they choose an Etsy shop of the week and then all the members of the group ---AND ANYONE else who wants to play along----go visit that shop, get inspired by their style, and then make something based on that inspiration. How fun is that?!

I am lucky enough to be this weeks inpiration shop! It's been a lot of fun peeking in to see what they are being inspired by and what they come up with for their projects! Head on over to the
Heart Hug Designs blog and check it out. Hey, why not join in...they welcome others too...and there are PRIZES! I've donated that sweet little memo book and paper clip set that you see above...and then they also have a sponsor who donated a prize. Why not give it a shot?!


I'm back from the was a really great vacation and some much needed rest was had :o)I had some good time to think about the things that I needed to think about................

(see, I told you the fish better watch out! lol In case anyone is wondering, we usually catch and release)

(Linds is not a morning person! LOL)

..................and eat good food, and visit with friends and family,

The "boppers" hanging out in the morning.

(my niece and great nephew playing some sticky ball)

Yes, that's my son Joe, sporting some hair and facial hair...he's done with ROTC! lol That pretty gal with him is his girlfriend.

............and roast marshmallows over the campfire, and feed the ducks,

..............or sit on the floaty dock dangling my feet in the water, looking at pretty rainbows it's back to the real world. We've been working on getting some benefits together for Paul here in town and I'm still working on doing something online, don't have all the details worked out yet and this will be a real test of my computering skills! LOL I'll be getting back to you real soon on that. In the meanwhile, have a beautiful day and go hug everyone that you just never know what tomorrow will bring :o)

xoxo Karen

Friday, August 14, 2009

This and That

(Isn't this picture priceless?? I would love to give credit to the photographer and the subject, but I got it in an email and there was no information--if you happen to know, please let me know so proper credit can be made.)

It's my birthday on Tuesday and we always spend my birthday week up at the cabin. Yeah!! I am SOOOOOO ready for some fun and relaxation. My brother's and their families and some of Mark's family will be joining us up there on and off and I'm hoping that a few of my cousins will come too--should be fun!

I am actually going to shut down my Etsy shop while I'm gone....yes, a big step for me, LOL! This will be the first time in over 3 years that it'll be closed. I really need to have some time to not worry about it and just apply my thoughts to some other areas! You guys won't forget about me.....right? :o]

The fish better look out!

The Great White Fisherman
(the view off the dock....Mark and his nice Bass)

What a year it's been. Last year on my birthday my brother, Paul, informed me that he had cancer and he had his first surgery. AND my Grandpa died. You could say, not a good Birthday at all. Hoping this one will be better, for sure!

I want to thank you all for the lovely comments, ideas, and prayers about Paul and doing a are all so sweet and thoughtful and generous that you actually made me cry...several times! :o} I'm going to give this all some thought over my vacation and come up with a game plan. I'll let you all know when we get back. Thank you again---big hugs!

Remember the giveaway I did a little while ago....well, both of the winners did up blog posts---stop by and say HI!

Lenore of A Vintage Obsession

Lisa of A Groggy Froggy

Thanks for the bloggy love, gals!! I'm glad that you liked your prizes :o)

OK...I'm off to make some whipped jello, cake, noodle salad, egg salad, fruit salad, ............. see you next week!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking For Ideas!

Hi friends :o)

Some of you may remember me telling you about this.... my brother, Paul, has later stage cancer (melanoma) and has been in a brave battle with it for almost a year now. He has been through every chemo treatment you can think of, radiation treatment, and is working his way through a few of the experimental treatments too. He's hanging in there, though a LOT thinner and minus some hair--worse for the wear and tear--but not ready to give up the fight!!!!

The big problem he is facing now is financial. Paul is a laborer...he worked for a mobile home company and did set-ups and repairs, siding, know, physical things. He has been unable to work since this started (it started with surgery to remove some lymph nodes under his arms). They had some money in savings and sold some things to help make ends meet and have the belt tightened as tight as it can get. They are running on fumes right now.

Soooo, we (some of his relatives) have decided to do some fundraising for them...what I wanted to ask you guys for is some IDEAS and things you have seen others do that have been successful. I know there are a lot of creative minds out there!!!!

We are going to have a big rummage sale at a local community center to start with...get donations of items from friends and family. That should provide them with some quick cash to pay their mortgage and insurances.

Then we are thinking of doing the traditional Spaghetti dinner, auction, and raffles and such. Here's where we could use some creative suggestions!

Also, I was thinking of maybe doing some sort of online fundraiser. Who has seen anything like this was it done...what are people's general opinion of things like that??

I sure appreciate any help you can give!!

xoxo Karen

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pretty in Dots!

What's new?? So, my friend Teresa from CedarJunction emailed me today and gave me the "hint" that I could add a background to my blog easily with HotbliggetyBLOG---yes Teresa, I HAD noticed that I was the last blogger on the planet who still had a boring white background on my blog!! LOL If I had known how easy it was going to be to install, I would have done it a long time agon. Thanks for the kick in the pants, I am now sporting some pretty new polka dots---what do you all think?

I've been happy to get back to the studio and finished up some collages that have been in the works for a while now....of course they have BIRDS in them (are you shocked?) *wink* I tried a new thing on these three by using different paper for the matting, I think it really adds a nice punch of color and a nice dimension to the collages!

BlueJay and Butterfly

Pretty Robin Redbreast

Robin in the Garden

The beautiful bird images I used in these collages were purchased from Scraps of Time -- stop by and check out her shop, great stuff!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A New Treasure!

Went out treasure hunting yesterday morning (seems like there is not enough of this going on this year, between my aching joints and the crappy weather we are having this summer!) Anyways, I better not start the whining, LOL!! I was so excited to find this beautiful picture in the pretty shabby chic frame! Isn't it gorgeous? I've never seen this particular picture of the Holy Family before, and it is so endearing. Love the colors too.

Now, I have a couple questions for you you think I should fix up the frame (aka give it a paint job) or leave it as is? AND It has that water stain up at the top (which actually shows up really well in the picture, but when you are looking at it in person, it's really not that noticeable) and I'm wondering if anyone has a method of making those lighter that will not ruin the paper??

Sheesh, sadly the only place I have to hang this pretty picture is on the last wall on the main floor with the ugly panelling!! Believe it or not, about 1/2 the main floor was panelled with this ugly white panelling and we are slowly but surely getting rid of it! I think that a living room redo is in the works for this coming winter and then it will be gone! Yeah!
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