Monday, April 24, 2006

Flying by the seat of my panties....

Well, off on a new land. This has been an exciting week for me. I have been doing the crafting thing for many years now. I think I have always loved to sew and do any number of crafty things. When the kids were little, I got into it a bit more and found it a good way to make a couple extra bucks and still be able to be home with them. I started designing my own patterns and have even sold several of them to magazines. I have done craft fairs too for the last 10 years, which are nice 'cuz my sweet hubby could be home with the kids on the weekend, and I could get away!! This week I got really brave and opened a shop on to sell my stuff, Please stop in and have a look, and feel free to offer any feedback. I am in no way WHATSOEVER good at this computer stuff. I just keep jumping in with both feet and figuring it out as I go along. Well, I managed to get my shop up and running and it even looks pretty good! Shocker! LOL I haven't sold anything yet, but I have hope and patience! I decided to try my hand at this blogging that is all the rage. It could be a nice outlet for me and maybe even a way for me to share a little of my crafting business news and projects with all you beautiful people out there in internetland. So wish me luck and check back and see how badly I can screw this up while I figure things out!!! Remember, have a good belly laugh every is like jogging on the inside, and it's fun to watch on the outside too.

P.S. Above is a pic of one of my items on hand embroidered it from a vintage Aunt Martha's pattern, added the cute 1930's repro fabric for a border and framed it. Wouldn't it be cute above the kitchen sink or in your laundry room?

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