Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Custom Customers

I don't have any new items to show today. NO, I haven't been slacking, just busy with custom orders. I really do like to make custom stuff--makes me put on my thinking cap. It's good for me to have that discipline once in a while. It's very different than just going down and making stuff. I am not a purposeful crafter as a rule--I usually just go and sit amongst my stuff, run my fingers through my fabric, and when the iron is hot--I strike! LOL I make patterns as I go along. I will let the fabric tell me what it wants to be. The best part is finding fabric combos. Some days I will just put together combos--until I have teetering stacks of cute combos all over the place! This is when I'm in my glory. I like to turn on the tunes--loud!--and just get in the flow. Cut, sew, iron, embroider!! Yeah--Oh, I do love it so!!! Of course, we do have to make grocery money--so when I get a pattern figured out, I will make it up in cardboard and jot down the instructions and make up a few different versions before I move on to the next project.

So, I was over at Jenn Maruska's blog , and see that she is doing a to-do list and challenged me to list mine too. I'm a little bummed! I just finished a bunch of stuff the last few days and crossed a whole bunch of stuff OFF my to-do list! So, I'm gonna list those, just so I can show off a bit, LOL!

**completed the Loopy Ewe order (40 items!) packed it all up, made a little "something special" for the owner, and shipped it off!

**Did 2 custom bookcovers. One for a journal and one for a Bible--two totally different styles.

**Had to draw --Yup, DRAW-- a kangaroo for an applique to be put on a custom business card wallet. Ummm, I can't draw! lol This was a toughie, but in the end it turned out pretty cute and I'm proud of it! So I finished up her wallet (see picture) and sent that off to her.
**Completed 10 cup huggies and ten hand cut gift tags to go along with them, and got those all packed up and shipped.


So now the To-Do list:
**Put together a Goody Bag for Lia's daughter.

**Make one of these cool exploding boxes for my sweet niece who's grad party is this Saturday! Thanks for the tutorial Ang (of Norththreads) !!

**Make some food for the party!

**Go dress shopping (for the wedding) for me and Linds (we're talking pretty flowery sundresses, I think!)

**Get some new stuff done for my Etsy shop--which is starting to look a little bare!

**Clean my computer area, which is beginning to look like a very dusty bomb went off in it and strew the papers and magazines everywhere!

I don't know, there are a million and one things to be doing every day--and you still have to find time to play with the kids and shop and cook and eat and clean and watch movies and have coffee with your sweety---you all know!! LOL Life is to be lived, and so we do. Like Martha says "It's a good thing."


Jenn Maruska said...

What a great post!

(Boy, have you been busy!!!)

You are right - we have all of the regular things to do and spending time with friends and family as well as all our creative endeavors. It is a challenge sometimes - but an enjoyable one : )

What tunes do you listen to while you create?

: )

Cozy said...

We craft the same way. I have a room full of fabric, threads and yarns which have not yet told me what they want to be. Pulling stuff out to play with color, texture and fibers can be so much fun.

Karyn said...

You sure have been busy! I think you did a great job on the kangaroo, I love it!

bellacolle said...

Up, 'It's a good thing' What neat stuff... I must go and visit your Etsy shop! We are finally done siding our house, I was able to sit down and finally create tonight... all is well ;P lol!

iSew said...

Wow. Mrs. Kwitty. Where do you find the time. You sound so busy al the time. I love your list.

It's great that you have so many custom orders. I don't get many at this point, certainly not for 40 of anything! wow.

Good luck with the dress shopping.

Anonymous said...

Love the post! We went to Baskin Robbins and want to say thanks again!! Two more coupons to go! Yeah for ice cream and Karen!!

I am Amy Wagner... said...

Love your little mouse!
I am a big list maker. It helps clear my brain.
My husband says he will never see the END of my honey-do list for him. He crosses off 2 and I add 5!!! Poor hubby. I do love him.

Dinah said...

You have been busy it seems! And I love the little mouse.

She'sSewPretty said...

I need some of your energy. Maybe if I made a list I might get something done. LOL good for you! I love the little mouse at the top!

suchprettycolors said...

wow, those are some big orders, congrats! :)

i *love* that kangaroo!

norththreads said...

Hey girl!
Did I just hear you say u made a bible cover....ohhhhh...I want one!!! Would you consider making me one with a holder for a note pad & pen if I gave you my measuries????? Wow, An order for loopy ? WHats that , sounds interesting!!
~Happy summer~

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

WOW! What a go-getter you are! Especially this time of year... I get so busy with the kids, that whenever I start to look at my etsy "stuff" to create something new for my shop, my mind just goes blank! Yet when the kids are in school, the ideas just keep flowing! lol Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! =)

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