Saturday, March 08, 2008


A cold, clear, crisp Saturday morning here in MN. I guess we should feel lucky--everyone else is getting the snow and terrible weather this spring and, besides the cold temps, we have had a really mild one. Hope my friends out there in Blogland have fared well through some of the terrible storms last night. I was happy to find a new batch of shadowbox frames, and a couple new old magazines--so I've been having little collage fun in between sewing bags! Here's my newest--just listed in my ETSY shop . I had a little fun with this one and the colors of the 30's! Ginny--of iSew--sent along some cute feedsack quilt squares with the last monkey I ordered from her (yes, she DOES spoil me so!) and I used some of them for the background of this fun little collage. Add in some cute images from a 1952 pattern for doll clothes , a fun vintage button, trims, and other doodads--and frame it all up in pink polka dots! yeah! Click the pic and it will take you to the listing :o)

Speaking of Ginny--she has her shop iSew, where she sells many wonderful things that she sews (see how cleverly she ties that name in there LOL!) and recently opened up the MonkeyTravelClub --where she sells all her fantastic little monkeys! Oh, I love them all. Purses, gadget holders, cup huggies, keychains, and other cute-as-heck monkey things! You know what else is fun? She has a Flickr site where people who buy a monkey from her can take a pic and post it there to show where the monkey has travelled (see--another clever tie in! lol--bow to the queen!). What fun! I had to submit this pic--it's my poor Hannah--she is a cup huggy and I use her to protect my fingers from getting hot when drinking my favorite cappuchinos. I am fasting cappuchinos for Lent this year, so she has been just sitting on the shelf above my computer--happily biding her time until Easter! lol She is in good company though, with the pretty little decoupage ornament I got from the lovely Aggie of Pareo on Etsy.

I recently passed a bunch of new milestones--blog visitors, hearts on Etsy, and sales on Etsy--and am going to do a prize drawing!! Yes! Tune in tomorrow--I should have the details figured out by then. Have yourselves a great weekend and take good care! Blessings!


Esther Sunday said...

I love your shadow boxes! They are turning out adorable! I'm going to go over and visit the monkey site - how cute is that! Snow is starting to go away here in North Idaho - hopefully everyone will have spring soon! Love, Esther

Pinky said...

I LOVE MONKEYS!!! It's really a problem with me, so I'm going to have to go check this out. I'm sooooo proud of you on the sales and visits!! you deserve all of it!! HUGS and YAYS all around!!

p.s. we got snow here!! In Mississippi!

Amy Wagner said...

You are such a creative gal!!!!!!! I love popping in to see what you're up to!

ThePeachTree said...

Your blog is so lovely and feminine! I'm so happy to have found it :)

guileless said...

hey, your shadow boxes are awesome! i love the themes and how you manage to make them look so 'old-skool'. nice!

and the monkeys are so cute!

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