Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Hi friends! It's been a pretty quiet weekend, all things considered--which is actually kind of nice after the hustle and bustle of last (looooong) weekend!

I now have 48 new gray hairs that I didn't have before....but Joe's driving lessons are coming along quite nicely (haha)! Really, he is proving to be a pretty calm driver and is getting a little better at steering smoothly, braking smoothly, and stepping on the gas pedal smoothly. It's a good thing---whiplash is not a good thing! (see below--Joe has always enjoyed driving!)We had a big wind storm come through yesterday (the bad storms were to the north of us and we just got the residual winds)--lots of tree branches laying around. The hub had to miss church this morning because the richest man in Duluth had a big branch come down, hit another tree, which uprooted and fell onto his driveway--so Hubby had to get over there and take care of those trees ASAP so he could get out of his driveway! lol I had to ask--why the heck doesn't he just take the helicopter? *wink*

I'm in the thick of my big wholesale order and haven't had time for much else crafty--but did manage to make this cute bag with the sweet puppy
--I always enjoy digging through the feedsack prints--working with the old patterns and lovely colors always makes me happy!I also had a customer who wanted me to make her some sheep tags--she is yarn dyer and spinner and wanted special tags to hang on her product. I did some up for her--and then decided that maybe others would like some sheep tags too--so I made up some colorful ones for my shop! I thought these would be really fun for people who knit or crocheted to add to their gifts or products!-- Don't you think?

Last, but CERTAINLY not least---I've been honored with this award from the lovely Southern Lady Vintage-- Brilliante Weblog Award! Seriously, it is so seldom that I am called anything even remotely close to brilliant--so I really like this one!! LOL In all seriousness-- I am honored Barbara, thank you so much!!Now, as you know, blog awards are for sharing! So, here are the rules.....

The rules for receiving this award are:1) Put the logo on your blog.2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4) Add links to those blogs on yours.5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

There are so many blogs that I read and love--in fact there is a big list of them off in my right hand side column--that it would be really impossible for me to just pick 7 to award this to--it makes me uncomfortable---I think you are all BRILLIANTE! So I've decided to award it to my 2 pregnant blog friends! Just because I love them both and I also know that we all need a little boost when in the "delicate" condition! lol Their blogs really are Brilliant--so they deserve it.
Please go pay them a visit and say HI! and read their wonderful blogs

Diana of A Muted Palette
The Fabulous Pinky of Inspiration comes Easy

Congrats Ladies --hugs!!


Diana said...

Oh, how I've missed you. You are always such a sparkling ray of honest-to-goodness sunshine. Much like a tonic, you are; but less bracing. :)

Your Joe was a beautiful baby!!! Gray hairs are a small price to pay for responsible independence. You go, Joe!

I love the puppy bag, and covet those sheep tags! They make me want to go into the wool business. What a great idea!

Congratulations on your award; well deserved, I might add. And thank you so much for mine!!! I've felt so neglectful in the blogging department lately, and your validation makes me feel quite honored. Yay.


Attic Rat said...

Congratulations on your award!

Your sheep tags are simply darling. You may need to put numbers on them when Joe starts driving by himself - you'll need to count them to go to sleep! Just kidding. I'm sure he will do just fine.

Cyber hugs,

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Karen! My son turns sixteen next week. I just keep pushing the driving lessons to the back of my mind. I don't even want to think about it!! I have been thinking about enrolling him in a driver's training course run by ex-police officers. I've been through teaching my two oldest to drive and I have enough gray hair! LOL said...

Those tags will add so much to her product, how cute!

Sal said...

I love your little feedsack puppy bag and the tags are gorgeous too.
Someone passed me that award, this weekend, and it made my day ;-)

Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute baby..Adorable..The tags are so neat..Congrats. on the award..
What a great day for you...

Rosemary said...

Thanks for the nice comments.
I hear you on the driving thing.
I think I got a few more gray hairs from that experience too.
Good Luck,

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

OH Mrs K~~ You always make me laugh that is why I love you (:)
48 gray hairs.. LOL...
Love the darling little baby ~~
~~~and your comment to me about my ''dirty little secrets(silly me)'' oh too funny..You just crack me up..
well hope you have a great day
......big FAT hugs Patty

Amy said...

I love your embroidered creations every time I see them. They remind me of my Grandma's iron transfers (with red pencil outlines)I have and keep in frames because I love the graphics.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I am not looking forward to teen age driving when that day arrives at my house!!!
Have a great week.
:) AMY

Babydoll said...

Love that little bag and the sheep tags are so cute!!

Dolly said...

Whats a few more grey hairs anyways!

Ouuu Miss Kwitty I love the fabrics you used on the puppy bag! And those lil tags are too sweet!

Hugz, Dolly

Junie Moon said...

I applaud your ability to help Joe with his driving, despite the acquisition of 48 new gray hairs. I made my own kids so nervous when they were trying to learn, that my friend and neighbor took over the road practice aspect. I'm ashamed to say I just couldn't handle it.

tammyCA said...

Darling bag...I like how you stitch on rick-rack. It took me a minute to see it was actually rick-rack. I love the feedsack fabrics, too...'course I can only find & buy the repro ones. Which just reminded me...I'm surprised none of the blogs I visit (and, that is a lot - lol)mentioned the new movie, Kit Kittridge, American Girl. I took my daughter, but I enjoyed it more. Kit has to wear depression era feedsack dresses in this cute movie. I love looking at the set decorating on movies & this one is right up my alley. :)

Heidijayhawk said...

oh god help me when ours are ready to drive. your craftiness is fab as always!

Stink Bone Jones said...

What a cute baby he was! I bet it is so hard to imagine that he is now driving. I cannot imagine my Christian old enough to drive.

Love the new sac and tags, super cute as always!

blueberries in the fields said...

i am not surprised that you have been honored with this prize, you do deserve it. i really love the things that you create, i think those little bags are absolutely lovely ! I love your blog and will have to add it in my list of favorites so i can come back and enjoy it more when i have more time. thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

HI Mrs K..Just checking up on ya(:) hope all is going well ..
big hugs Patty

Alison Boon said...

Great work on the award, well deserved I say. Love the sheep tags and what a cute bag.

Sandra Evertson said...

Adorable and love the little bags and tags!
Sandra Evertson

Pecos Blue said...

Hope the driving tests are done soon. I always like you blog and will check out your nominies.

norfok cottages said...

wow 48? how you counted your hairs?

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