Friday, December 05, 2008

Wearing your Art on your Sleeve

You know what surprises me?? That no matter how old you get, there are still things that surprise ya! lol It's an amazing thing.

Just the other day I got a convo on Etsy from a gal, Mandy, who had been looking for a nice retro floral pattern for a project she was working on and she happened to find this Maywood studio fabric that I've used a lot in my work. I just love the retro feel of the pattern and the fact that it came in 3 different colors:
Sunshine and Roses Tissue keeper
and PINK
Retro Roses Day Planner
and an Aqua Blue (you've might remember seeing it in a few of my past projects) Well, here is what she did with that pattern!! Yes, that is her arm!! lol Isn't it beautiful? I don't have any tattoo's, and have no plans to get any....but if I were, this one would be for me! Thanks so much, Mandy, for sharing that with us--this is my favorite project of the year!

Pressing cloth
Do you guys use a pressing cloth when you iron?? I have had the same pressing cloth for about 20 years....(yes, really!) and a couple of days ago, it died. She finally passed onto that little laundry room in the sky. :o(

Then came the hunt for a replacement, you would think that would be easy, huh? Nope. She was sheer and smooth and steam went right through her--all I could find were some cheeseclothy, icky things. Sooo, I went on the hunt for the perfect fabric to make one for myself. That was not easy either! It is very difficult to find a sheer fabric that can withstand ironing--and lots of it! I finally did find a fabric that works and made a couple for myself (a small one and a big one)--and I also made a couple extra to put in the shop.

I Love You Honey Bunny
Here are a couple new items I've added to my Etsy shop over the last few days. This little Honey Bunny--so sweet!!

Verdant Snowflakes Birdy tag setI really like this paper---there's not a lot of green snowflake items out there, this one reminds me of snow in the pines!

Love Dove bird ornament
I love making these little bird ornaments...there's something so relaxing about doing hand stitching in the evenings while watching my fav programs on TV. This one, I think, is the sweetest yet! I did it in honor of the Pink Christmas event that the CSST sponsored on Etsy. If you like Pink for Christmas--check out the LINK!! You will not be disappointed.

OK--I am going to try, really hard, to set up my LOLLISHOPS shop over the next couple days! It's so crazy hard to find time these days and sadly the shipping set-up over there is complicated and is going to require time and a clear head! Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful day--HUGS!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Prettiest tattoo I've ever seen! Good luck on your Lollishop. We are there, they are still working the bugs out. Have a great weekend! Twyla

Rick said...

Wow - that's some tattoo. ANd I admit - it's beautiful.

And ... your bird ornaments are charming!

Miss Kim said...

Thank you for leaving my first comment!!
That really is a pretty tattoo.
The bird ornaments are so sweet!

LeeAnn said...

It is amazing where inspiration comes from. That's the prettiest tattoo I've seen in a long time. I finally found a perfect press cloth and its been in my scrap pile for quite some time. It's a vintage sheet remnent. Alittle on the thin side and can take some heat!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Karen
the bunny is so cute(:) How are ya ..busy looks like ..
Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season..
hugs, Patty

Good Dirt Jewelry said...

What a wonderful blog! I enjoyed visiting :)

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Love your christmas pretties, miss ya & Have a fantastic Christmas karen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

That tat is amazing! I'm not usually one for tats, but this is really cool.
My best press cloth is a old, vintage, flour sack dish towel. It has lots of body, yet the steam defuses nicely through the cloth.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow!...just wow! That is the prettiest tattoo EVER!
They're not for me, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of the artwork.

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is gorgeous! I think if I started getting tattoos I would never stop! I love Honey Bunny and your reindeer so adorable!! XO Amy :)

Gina2424 said...

Love your Love Dove bird ornament and all your fabrics- as usual!

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