Friday, June 19, 2009


I know I've been pretty scarce around here and I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know a little bit of what's going on--I've gotten quite a few emails asking if everything is all right (you bunch of sweeties!) and just thought I'd say a few words.

I've been having some health problems over the last several years that have to do with joint pain and swelling--I've been tested for everything but they really can't pinpoint just what is going on. Well, recently (the last 4 months) it has basically gone into overdrive! My knees are swollen up like cantelopes and I can't bend them, my hips hurt like hell, it's in my neck (can't hardly turn my head or bend it up and down), it's starting to work it's way down my shoulders now (yeah!) and it's in my right jaw (hurts to chew and my teeth don't fit together right because of swelling).

The docs did a bunch of tests and one of them measures your body's inflammation--the usual test result on that one tops out at 20, mine was at 54. They retook the test 2 weeks later and it was at 82. This lit a fire under my doctor and she scheduled me for surgery (the next day!) to biopsy a piece (approx. 1") of vein from both temples to make sure that my veins arent' inflamed too. Happily, the veins are fine. Whew. They have determined that I have an auto-immune disease.

Anyways, they just started me on a medication that should bring down the inflammation, but it has some really scary possible side effects! AND it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to work! Arghhh! I took the first dose on Wednesday--it wasn't too bad, made me sick to my stomach, dizzy, and tired, but didn't do a thing for the joints and pain (yet).

I'm hanging in there, though, feeling positive about the outcome, and am looking forward to getting back to my crafting and computering and such. I'd appreciate a prayer or healing thought for this medication to do it's thing and get me back up and running!!


Knitty said...

Best wishes for relief, pin-pointing the exact cause, and then a cure!

Christina said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. I know, from personal experience, what you are going through. When I was 16, my knee swelled up one day, for no reason at all. After many, many tests, four surgeries on one knee, a surgery on the other, a bone scan, MRI's, etc, they still do not know what I have, other than it might be Rhuematoid arthritis or Psoriatic Arthritis. At any rate, I found a rheumatologist who put me on Remicade, and, since your symptoms sound exactly like mine, I suggest you ask your doc. And, get a specialist.

The right meds should eliminate the swelling. I know that's the worst part. It feels like your knees will explode, but can't, so the pressure just builds and builds and builds.

What medication did they give you? Methotrexate SUCKS and I refuse to take it. (It's wicked bad for you!!) Humira didn't work for me, and I'm afraid to try anything else. Remicade made me normal. (Almost.)

I really hope you feel better. Seriously, I've been there and I think the swelling from an autoimmune disease hurts worse than childbirth. Keep elevated, and keep your spirits up! Depression usually follows a flare-up with me.

(And get something better than Methotrexate, if you are using it.)

iSew said...

Oh my goodness, Misses Kwitty. You're one tough cookie and I know you can get through this. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed for you over here. I'll be thinking about you. Best wishes!

Tiedupmemories said...

Awww.MissK. So sorry to hear about your pain.My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!!! I know you can get through this with your awesome sense of humor and family and friends!Take care and I'll be thinking about ya!

Brillig! said...

Sending warm fuzzy get well thoughts your way! Sorry to hear that you've been through so much just to get to a diagnosis. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I'll be thinking of you, and sending healing thoughts and good wishes your way.

Junie Moon said...

Oh dear, Karen, I'm so very sorry to hear all this. Sincere thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are in effect for you.

If you ever just want to say a really, really bad word or two or ten on an especially trying day, week, or month -- you can always send it to me via email. I promise to just "listen".

Many hugs of comfort and care go out to you.

heidi said...

ohsweetie! i took a blog break just cause i was busy and lazy! you my dear feel better soon. big prayers comin your way!

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. I hope that the meds start to work soon and they get the right amounts, etc. You and your family are in my prayers. :)

starrynightimpressions said...

You are in my thoughts!
I pray this med will take care of the pain!!!
PS. thank you for the lovely write up of my giveaway on your blog, you are a sweetie pie :)

Tif said...

You have my prayers for sure! I'm so glad that a cause has been found! Healing vibes!!!

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Hope you feel well soon! I also suffer with inflammation.


tamdoll said...

Wow, I have been hearing so much about this lately. Sister & neighbor recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I had strange swelling that Dr. couldn't diagnose - took me years to figure this out - when I eliminated all artificial sugars the swelling disappeared within a month - I can finally wear my wedding band again! Now I just have to shed some weight and hopefully the hip and knee pain will dissipate.
I'm hoping you have relief soon.

Jenn Maruska said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. We'll be keeping fingers and paws crossed at the Maruska house, too - wishing you fast relief.

Please keep us posted - as there are so many of us who follow your blog and admire your creativity and enthusiasm.


Denise said...

sorry to read about all that's been happening with you. I have various auto immune problems and can relate. I also had late stage Lyme disease several years ago after not knowing what was up for several years with various problems - can be so frustrating. Joint inflammation is no fun and makes it very hard to work when your your joints swell. Hope you are feeling better!

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