Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I do offer items in my shop that come from a smoke-free studio.............

But I can't guarantee that you won't find the occasional kitty hair in there!  LOL  This is where Daisy likes to sit when I sew ( my little pal )!

(of course, I check my products over very strictly for pet hair...just having a little fun!)


Brenda Fisher said...

As a cat person myself, I will never mind a cat hair or two or three with my order. Daisy is a sweetheart. A gray tiger or a gray tabby? She's beautiful. Probably likes the hum and warmth of the machine when you sew. We grew up with kitties and always ended up taking clothes out of the dryer with cat hair on them! LOL.
Have a great day, Cheers, Brenda Fisher

iSew said...

ahhh, cat hair. I don't think a days goes by in my sewing room that I don't use 5 sheets on that rolly lint thingy. Man, what would I do without all that help?

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