Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tags Galore in the midst of Blabbing

Hello! Well, I did it again...I have every intention of doing a better job at blogging, and then weeks go by! lol I think for today I am going to blab a bit about stuff and intersperse it with some of the cute tags I've made lately--how does that sound??

I've been very tired due to chemo and the accompanying anemia, but I can still sit and make tags, and that makes me happy!

I got a new camera from my Sweety for Mother's day...I must say it is making picture taking much more enjoyable, and the pics are so much clearer!  Love it!

Lately I don't have much to talk about that doesn't involve cancer. I certainly don't want to just sit here and talk about THAT all the time, as if it hasn't already taken over so much of my life, dammit!  But, maybe I'll just talk about it a bit and get it off my chest, huh?  That might help.  There is some good news...I had my last chemo treatment! Yeah! It was my 24th dose and they decided that I needed a break. Yes, thank you :o)

I think my Sis-in-law and I are going to try and get up to the cabin for a weekend very soon (possibly Memorial weekend) would be so great to get away from the city and just relax for a bit and maybe catch some fish. Doesn't that sound nice?

Next week now they have me scheduled to go in and get set up for radiation--BRAIN radiation! YIKES. The kind of cancer that I have has a tendency to work it's way up there and they want to radiate in case there are any rogue cells up there already.  I say, get in there and zap the hell out of them!  Grrrrr!

(this little bird reminds me of myself...a  chubby little gal that just keeps on flying!)

Know what is really bumming me out? I have cute new little hairlets trying to grow on my head, they are about 1/4" long right now, just as cute as can be (really, I look a bit like a baby bird! lol) and the radiation will cause me to lose those little guys --dang it!  lol  I feel very motherly towards those little fellas!

There, thanks for listening...I feel better! 


Marilyn said...

Karen, your tags are just so sweet! You always have the cutest ideas.

I've read that part of beating cancer is attitude....not sure if that's true, but you have been so brave through all of this. You are in my prayers and you certainly are that "Oh Happy Day Birdy"!! We love you, Karen.

Amy. said...

Love your tags so much. Great job.
I do hope you make it to the cabin for a getaway!! You deserve it.
I will continue to pray for your speedy way through this battle and that your strength...and hair...comes back quickly lickety split!!!

Cottage In The Sun said...

Your photos are great! I love the new pinwheel shape! A getaway sounds fabulous - Memorial Day is almost here! I'm glad you are getting a break from your treatments and hope you have more energy soon. :)

mimi'sdarlins said...

Hmmm...I was going to email you to see how you're doing, and you gave me all the answers right here! Your cabin getaway sounds wonderful! Hang in there, darlin''ll have new little 'baby bird' hairs again in no time :-) Stay positive, that's half the battle (or maybe more)!

Pinky said...

LOVE the tags, but I'm so stingy with them! HA! The ones I have, I'm always so reluctant to let them go. Silly, I know, that's just how I am.

As for the cancer, I think you've handled it pretty well. Granted, we don't get to see you at home, but I know you have a strong front for us and that's something, that's hope and that's God's strength working wherever it can. I love you dearly and pray often. HUGS and keep on tagging! SMUSH!!

Home and Heart said...

Bless your Heart! I am so sorry you are having to fight the big C. My mom
is too. I hope your fight is almost over, and you will be blogging and crafting a very long time!!

treasurefield said...

I love those puddle splashers! And that cute, happy day bird!
It's great that art can be your calm get-away. And a cabin. With fishing. [jealous!!]
You are really inspiring, the way you battle the enemy with smiles and optimism. What a way to kick ass!
Hugs, alisa

Dolly said...

Aw Miss Kwitty, those tags are so precious!

That's right you are a bird...a free bird....keep flappin those wings, good days are ahead!

Hugz, Dolly

Lallee said...

Karen, I had totally missed that you are being treated for cancer. I am so sorry to read this, especially so soon after losing your brother. Please know you will be in my prayers for full recovery!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your tags are so sweet and adorable!! Pure cuteness!

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