Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Toy...New Ornaments

I splurged and bought myself one of Martha Stewart's new score boards...and have been happily testing it out!  It's pretty fun and I'm enjoying a new craft.

I've tried to make these sort of ornaments before, but was never that successful at it....found the cardstock to difficult to manipulate  and time-consuming to score at each crease--too much work for a not-so-good outcome.  Working with thinner paper turned out to tear a lot and make a not-so-sturdy end product.  Like Goldilocks....these turned out "just right"! 

I have made them in 3 colors so far....Pink Peace

Green Holly

Rustic Red

They measure about 5" across--so they would work nicely on the tree or also hanging on a mantle or doorway!

Available to ship immediately--from my Etsy shop!


treasurefield said...

They're all just gorgeous! So Victorian!
Way to go, sticking with it 'til it works out. Looks like it was worth it!


Love them Karen...such fun stuff(:) hugs,Patty

Lallee said...

These look wonderful--love the colors. I agree about the card stock being too stiff. I made some of these last year, and will use paper in the future.

Sugar Mountain Mercantile said...

Oooh..very pretty, and very professional. The investment must have been well worth it. Hope they are good sellers for you!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Karen, you did an awesome job! Your items are always so beautiful!! Love the little beaded hearts and red felt birds, too!

Have a beautiful Christmas!


Jemjoop said...

Oh those are adorable, and brave you picking a Martha thing out. I get overwhelmed at her section in Michael's and pick something boring and safe like ink pads.

aquariann said...

Lovely ornaments! It's amazing what can be done with paper.


These are lovely!

Merry Christmas,

Tiff said...

I ordered and received one of the peace ornaments along with some other goodies and I can tell you the pictures don't do them justice. The peace ornament is gorgeous and you've done them so well. I have always been more than pleased with everything I've ever ordered from you, you are so talented. Thanks
Tiffani in Ohio

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