Friday, April 29, 2011

The Look of Love

I have a dear online friend who is an angel for cats who are down on their luck.
the look of love by beeblecat - (working)
the look of love, a photo by beeblecat - (working) on Flickr.
This photo sure does speak a thousand words!!  Here's the caption from this sweet picture that I "borrowed" from Beeblecat's Flickr stream (with her permission of course)featuring a little kitten and Beeblecat's hubby:

"This meezer kitten showed up in our driveway Sat. She was very hard to catch but I finally caught her by the tail. After bandaging my finger and cleaning up the blood (mine), I went next door to see if she might belong to the neighbors. They told me they'd seen her hanging around for couple of days but couldn't catch her. Jim fixed her up with a cardboard box in one of our mobile cages and she hid for the better part of the day. Finally after a lot of coaxing she began to purr loudly and came out of the box. She was covered with fleas and her little ear had tiny seed ticks all over it. She's very sweet and loves to play.
We really need to find her a home. We have too many cats and can't afford a kitten."

*****I'd just like to add that, judging from the rest of her Flickr stream, they did in fact keep her, named her Olivia, and are loving her up!! Lucky kitty!*******

I have a dear online friend who is an angel for cats who are down on their luck. Her online name is Beeblecat, and she and her husband run a cat sanctuary. They could use some help with funding, as expenses come from their own pockets, so Beeblecat sells little ACEOs and magnets in her Etsy shop to help cover costs. They are so cute and really reasonably priced, and for such a good cause.

                                                                      Little Olivia
All I'm asking is that you to stop by her shop and see if any of her cute pictures melt your heart like they did mine. It really revives your faith in human beings when you know some who are so self-less and do such wonderful things. God bless you guys!!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

The little kit is admiring her human's fur! Such a great pic! God bless these folks. Thanks for sharing ~*~Lisa

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I would be the cat lady if hubby would let me. :-)
I am so greatful to those whom take abandoned fur babies in and find them homes. Bless their hearts!

Hugs, Dolly

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that kitten is the most adorable thing ever!!! <3

aquariann said...

Aww, what a sweet photograph! Beeblecat is my newest heart on Etsy. ^.^

Cottage In The Sun said...

Olivia is sooo cute!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Karen thank you for the hugs and prayers!

God Bless you dear friend!

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