Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cookies for the Fam

I always feel bad for my family during my chemo down-time.  I basically can't do much of anything for about 8-10 days after chemo, so my family has to do the brunt of the shopping and cooking and  laundry for themselves.  It isn't a bad thing really, Mark and I made sure to raise our kids to be able to do all those things for themselves (no way I would send my kids out into the world without those skills!) but, I'm the kind of Mom who likes to do those things for their family. Especially the cooking.  Anyways, today I decided to bake a batch of cookies to last through the first few days.  At church on Sunday, we had coffee and snacks afterwards and someone brought the most scrummy cookies---all buttery, coconutty, toffee goodness!  Yummm.  I came straight home and hit the computer to see if I could find a recipe for those ....this is what I found on the Land o' Lakes website.


***I also added 3/4 c. of chopped walnuts to the coconut when I was toasting it.....I just really 
like nuts in my cookies.

They are absolutely delish---both crisp on the outside and tender on 
the inside. 
 I'd highly recommend them   
I think I'll bring some along for the nurses in the 
Cancer Center tomorrow....they deserve a little treat!!  
Such wonderful
 ladies there.♥
If you have a minute, say a prayer for me...
I like to bring a few 
 with me into  chemo!! Thanks and God Bless You ♥


Tiedupmemories said...

Mrs. K.,
Prayers are coming your way!I'll be thinking of you and sending you lots of air hugs! You are the best Mom! I can't make cookies the way others do.They never turn out right! I will try your recipe though and we shall see Ha! Thanks for sharing! Big hugs!
Tracy G.

Jennie said...

Lots of prayers for you, Karen. I will be thinking of you and your family.

littlethings1 said...

You are a wonderful wife & mom !! Your family is blessed ! Will keep you in my prayers !

Jenn Maruska said...

I just said a heartfelt prayer for you, Karen. From the bottom of my heart I hope that this year will be a better one for you. Best, Jenn : )

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