Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Week in Review

LOL--I just noticed that I seem to be managing about one post a week lately! I sure hope you don't all get sick of coming here and not finding anything new, cuz' I would miss you terribly if you stopped coming by :-)

Things are crazy busy for me--and I'm sure you are all in the same boat! Isn't it great?! There is just so much excitement that starts to build as Thanksgiving approaches. Got that big turkey taking up all the space in your fridge, pulling out all the old recipes, coming home with that grocery store receipt that's about 2 feet long!

I have to brag--my last shopping trip, the one to pick up all the Thanksgiving stuff-----------Saved $66.40 in coupons! Yup, broke my old record by about $8.00. I actually saved 42% off my total bill. Yeah, it's good to be the Queen. *takes a bow* Here's a picture of my baby in her first parade (and yes, she does LOVE it when I call her baby!). Isn't she cute?!! It was a cold (only about 33degrees) and windy night!

Well, I've been making lots of cute stuff for Christmas--wanna see??

Here's a cute Santa's Keys pocket that I made with material sent to me by Leslie at AlphaStamps--she asked me to be her guest designer for November. Beautiful wool felt, vintage images, and ribbons were sent to me--sigh--heavenly! Anyways, I made up this pocket--it has a key for Santa, in case you don't have a chimney for him to come down--and tucked in the pocket is a tag with a pocket (and another cute vintage image) for you to tuck in a little note for Santa!
Here's another little item I made up for Leslie at AlphaStamps--a pretty victorian inspired gift bag. It's made like a tote bag, with pretty cream and pine green gimp handles, that vintage floral fabric (that I told you about here) and the pretty sage green woolfelt and the vintagey victorian Santa image that Leslie sent. I love it--it would make a beautiful gift presentation and then can be re-used each year as a gift wrap or used in their holiday decorating.

Cute, old fashioned stick pony to hang on your tree! He's about 9" long. The kids really like these. I have to say, though, that making and attaching the mane is a big pain in the you-know-what! LOL Then there's this!! Not Christmassy--not really exciting, I mean, it's just a tissue holder! But I thought it turned out pretty and wanted to share!

Well, THAT was long winded--wasn't it?!! LOL I guess I better not wait for a whole week between posts (I didn't even post everything I had to show you, lol)
Take care everyone--and have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!!! Hugs!


KreativeMix said...

So fabulous!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Wowzer- you are a FAST crafter! I can't believe how much you get done. The Santa key holder is absolutly charming!

Jenn Maruska said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

And yes, I believe you are indeed the queen with that kind of savings on your shopping bill! Holy cow!

(Or should I say "Holy Turkey!"?)

She'sSewPretty said...

Karen! I love those victorian themed gift bags. Sew cute! The tissue holder is cute too. I've been making them for a boutique and didn't even think of putting a button closure. Smart girl! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Euphoria said...

Love the Santas Key, and that cute tissue holder- you are just the busy bee!

have a happy thanksgiving!

sweetbeans said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Karen! Nice work at the grocery store...wow. lol!

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Cute Stuff Karen:)

KJ said...

Greetings my friend!

Believe me, one look at all of your photos and I'm amazed you can come up for air! I am glad that you dropped by. I couldn't forget YOU because I have the songbird right near the entrance way of my home and your other goodies all over my kitchen!

I'm glad that everything is on coarse and that you are producing wonderful works of whimsy! And, your "baby" (daughter) looks so sweet in that parade photo. I wanted to hug her!

Oh happy day!

Amy Herbst said...

The stick pony is adorable!.. And yes, your daughter is adorable too! :-)

Bonny said...

Totally understand about the posting - I'm in the same boat LOL

Loving the stick pony - absolutely awesome! hope you enjoyed the holiday with your family :)

Heidijayhawk said...

you are posting as much as i am these days! i won't give up on you if you don't give up on me!

KJ said...

I know that you are busy in Santa's Workshop, but if you have a moment to pop over to my blog, you might be interested in participating in something that could bless YOU! Hey, I have to keep the Mrs. Twitty giddy!

Hugs, KJ

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! :) I thought my little bird looked really cute on my blog too, but I think she'll look even better here!

I have to run, but I'll be back to read through your latest posts!!

Steph said...

I *love* the stick pony and the tissue holder. And your daughter is beautiful.

Junie Moon said...

You always have great ideas and tips to share.

I miss you.

Sunny Kristi said...

Hi Karen,

Check my post to see what I did (finally) with the cute little birdie transfer you sent with my order way back when!


Lucy said...

I'm definitely bowing to the Queen!! I'm impressed with your shopping AND crafty prowess! Love the Santa key holder, that is beautiful!

Amy Wagner said...

Love your creative stuff. You are the best with combining pattern and color.

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