Sunday, May 04, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake anyone?

Who would like a nice big slice of strawberry shortcake--with gobs of whipped cream on top?

Aww--dang! Too slow! Sorry you missed it, it was scrumptious, now excuse me while I lick my plate!

Look what I got this week!! I'll tell ya, I am so lucky at these blog drawings lately! I won this beautiful necklace from KatRoman in a drawing on the blog Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder

Many thanks to both--I love the necklace (in fact, I wore it to church this morning).

I'm thinking spring this week! The temp is actually around 52 right now and the sun is shining--yeah! Makes me think birds (yah, so what else is new?!) Someone on Etsy recently called me the "Bird Lady of Etsy"!! LOL's come to that has it? I always thought I'd be the crazy cat lady, but bird lady will work for me. I listed these cute bird tags yesterday. I went through my paper stash and pulled out all the pink and aqua polka dot papers I had, and cut a tag from each one. I like the contrast of the serious black songbird silhouette against the playful pastel polka dots. Available HERE.
Another sure sign of spring is the fishing opener--which is coming up next weekend! You can already feel the excitement in the air around here. You know, land of 10,000 lakes and all that--fishing is BIG around here! Personally, I love to fish-- I keep a fishing pole in the trunk of my car at all times, just in case!

I've made this very cool fish tag in honor of fishing season. It's sometimes so hard to know what to get for those GUYS-- you know, those hunting, fishing, sports guys! Here is one solution to your gift giving dilemma. It's a cool crappie collage on the front and I've sewn a pocket in the back so you can tuck a little surprise in there. There is even a cool library pocket type sleeve for gift giving.

I've actually made one of these for my husband and surprised him by buying his fishing license for him, and tucking it into the pocket on the back, and tucking it in his tacklebox--so when he was getting ready to go fishing on opener weekend, he realized that at least one of his errands was already done! It really made him smile, and now he uses the tag as a bookmark every day too.

Or how about sticking a little love letter to him in the pocket and tucking it in the book he's currently reading?

My brother got one for his birthday with 2 tickets to a local ballgame tucked into the pocket on the back. Or you could tuck in a gift card from his favorite store.

You could have the kids make up handmade coupons for car washes, yard work, garage clean-up, etc. and stick those in the pocket! A great Father's Day idea.Oh, one more thing. I made up this cute little pocket for your tea bags--so they don't get all smushed up in your purse (0f course, your business cards or other cards will fit in there too, if you are not the tea type). When I was ironing on the little teapot applique, it slid off center a bit, so I am offering it in my shop at an OOPSY price!

Ok--well, I'm gonna go and soak up some sun! Yeah! Have great day.


kerri said...

drats! I could have really gone for some strawberry shortcake today. Oh well.

As usual you have some amazingly creative creations to share. I love reading your blog. What a great way to share something crafty with the menfolk, such a sweet idea!

Lauren said...

Man, I LOVE strawberry shortcake. I practically lived on strawberries when I was pregnant.

Super-cute tea bag thingy!

Raven said...

Awww, so sweet that you wore your Kat Roman necklace today. I'm so happy that you won and have had good luck at all the drawings lately... I sure haven't. :(

Be sure to enter every week for something new on my blog. :)


Heidijayhawk said...

yes please!!! that looks fab!

Alison Boon said...

I so need a teabag pocket. I am forever finding forlorn forgotten bags lamenting at the bottom of my bag. I tried to keep track of them but I never remember whether I've thrown in 5 or 10. what a fab idea, and a really cute design.

Joy said...

What a pretty necklace you won!
The cake looks or looked really

Pinky said...

I may have to snag that little tea tote. I LOVE drinking my tea in the morning and it's better for me than coffee.

Glad to hear you sounding better, I know the long winter was starting to get on your nerves. Hope the weather stays pretty! HUGS!!!

KJ said...

The shortcake didn't look like it lasted long! Yum.

The fish tag now belongs to me! Yippee! As always, I am charmed by your work.

Do have a splendid day!


Dinah said...

Your strawberry shortcake made my mouth water! (love the tea bag pouch too.)

Anonymous said...

Yummers that dessert looked fabulous ! Your newest creations are so amazing!
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Junie Moon said...

When I was growing up (well, as "up" as I could get as I'm short), strawberry shortcake was a family favorite.

I love your creativity with the fishing gifts and the tea pouch.

Ragged Roses said...

I'd love some strawberry shortcake please! The bird tags are just beautiful, the black bird against the pastel dots works so well together

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

You always come up with the greatest ideas!!! That fisherman's tag is awesome! =)

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the tags, especially the fish!
Sandra Evertson

Diana said...

At first I was a little annoyed with the shortcake tease, especially with all that whipped cream and everything! But then you go ahead and share such lovely lovelies, and who can be grumpy in the face of such fun?

Man oh man, do you have some great Father's Day ideas. I'm not yet ready for Mother's Day, so hopefully if I get a head start I'll be there by June. Maybe.

Love the Kat Roman necklace. It's adorable and I'll bet you were the most stylin' one there. I'm so glad you won. Kat Roman is very talented!

Oh, hey: please don't be embarrassed about getting my name wrong the other day! I totally understand and it's no biggie. Want to know what's a biggie? My mother-in-law still calls me "Diane" despite the fact that it's not my name. And this after 6 years of marriage. Yeah, so Dinah is a-ok in my books!

You always make me smile. :)


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Karen!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'm always amazed at the number of cool blogs I discover everyday. :)

I love your tags! (I feel like I stalk you a bit on flickr. LOL)
I have no paper crafting abilities, so I'm fasinated with them.

Kimberly :)

ps. adding you to my sidebar, too. :)

PamperingBeki said...

Oh YUMMMMM, I'm going to have to make some Strawberry Shortcake soon.

I love the tea bag pocket! What a great idea. And it would be handy for when I swipe tea bags from restaurants. haha!

I'm loving your music. :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Mmmmmmmmm!! I think I need shortcake!! Love all your tags!

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