Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend Promotion Time!!

Well, I just got some potentially exciting news.....I decided to run a special promotion this weekend--to drum up a little business during this rather slumpy period we've been in. It goes as follows:

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ WEEKEND SPECIAL ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

This WEEKEND --Oct. 3rd, 4th , and 5th--I'll be offering a FREE Page Percher bookmark with each order (my choice of colors)

for example:

AND each purchase will get your NAME IN THE HAT for a free Christmas ornament--name to be picked on Sunday evening at 10:00cst.

If you are the lucky winner of the Christmas ornament, I will include it in your package when I mail out your order.



And I just heard from MaryMary at Etsy (one of the admin) that she is doing a special Storque feature (for those who are not familiar with the Storque, it is basically Etsy's blog/newspaper) this weekend on some of the promotions on Etsy--and will be including my SPECIAL in the article, along with others!! Yeah! Soooo... **fingers crossed** I could have a nice busy weekend!

So, anywhoo0--wish me luck! AND if you have had your eye on anything from Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage, now would be a great time to pick it get a freebie plus a chance to win another one.

Also--don't forget to sign up for the my blog drawing--before Saturday evening (tomorrow)--just leave a comment HERE!!


LeeAnn said...

Way to go on the Storque article! I hope it goes well for you!

Jenn Maruska said...

Big Congrats, Mrs. Kwitty!!!


Congrats for making the Storque article! I am wishing a very busy weekend for you. - Teresa

iSew said...

Wow, Misses Kwitty. That is great news. I guess I'll have to stop by the shop & see what I need. hehe We were talking about Christmas shopping this morning anyway.

Sal said...

Well done,you deserve it.Everything you do is so lovely!;-)

kim* said...

ooh la la very cute addin said...

How nice to be featured!

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