Sunday, October 05, 2008


Well, picture this.....
It's just about 10:00 on Saturday night....Mrs. Kwitty and her faithful helper, Linds, are preparing to draw a name from the Schmoozer's Blog Giveaway. We had a really fun time giggling over the comments as we wrote down all the names on tiny little pieces of paper and folded them in half and put them in the little box!!

Next, it's time to rally the troops--and by that I mean "wake up the cats".!! lol Rosey was kind enough to offer to draw the names for usDaisy, not wanting to be left out, insisted on posing with the winning names:

First drawn is Mary Marsh!! yeah, congrats Mary!

And the second name drawn is Dolly!! yeah, congrats Dolly!!

Check out this comment from Dolly--she totally deserves to win a prize for this fine and creative example of schmoozing!! lol

Dolly said...
"Schmoozing it is....
M.... marvelous
R... royalty
S... sweet as sugar
K... kreative
W... witty
I... intelligent
T... too cute
T... talented
Y... young at heart

need more??????charming, funny, sensitive, big hearted, pretty as a pea, queen of crafts, princess of blogland, nice, cute, purrfect,warm and fuzzy, extremely creative, saucy, kind, gentle, a lil ray of sunshine in my day, fun to visit, great to chat with, and oh did I say a real cutie pie too?
How am I doing so far?If that doesn't work then just look into my puppy dog eyes...Hmmm...Or how about a bribe...I will clean your house for a week, scoop the litter box for a month, cook you dinner everyday for a month, I don't do toilets or take out the trash... I have to draw the line somewhere you know!
Smiles and Hugz,Dolly"

My thanks to all who commented and played along with my silliness--I enjoyed it very much!!!


Danielle said...

oh. my. gosh. I love your cat! I love mine too, but she has been a little bad lately... want to trade? :P

Have a great weekend!

Dolly said...

I win I win I win......

I get bestest schmoozer award!
and a tweet page percher to make me smile!

Thank you precious kittys and princess Kwitty!
You are the bestest!

Hugz, Dolly

SewMuchDetail said...

I love that kitty so much!! Thanks for visiting my blog, it is sew good to see you there......Your shop is gorgeous as always....

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Congratulations to the winners. Twyla

Amy said...

I had fun getting a chance to catch up on things in your world. It looks like a lot of fun has been going on!!!
Love the tips and the tour of your sewing/craft room.

Sharon said...

Such a cute kitty! Wonderful photographs.

Chitown Meg said...

These pictures of your cat freaking crack me up!

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