Sunday, August 02, 2009

A New Treasure!

Went out treasure hunting yesterday morning (seems like there is not enough of this going on this year, between my aching joints and the crappy weather we are having this summer!) Anyways, I better not start the whining, LOL!! I was so excited to find this beautiful picture in the pretty shabby chic frame! Isn't it gorgeous? I've never seen this particular picture of the Holy Family before, and it is so endearing. Love the colors too.

Now, I have a couple questions for you you think I should fix up the frame (aka give it a paint job) or leave it as is? AND It has that water stain up at the top (which actually shows up really well in the picture, but when you are looking at it in person, it's really not that noticeable) and I'm wondering if anyone has a method of making those lighter that will not ruin the paper??

Sheesh, sadly the only place I have to hang this pretty picture is on the last wall on the main floor with the ugly panelling!! Believe it or not, about 1/2 the main floor was panelled with this ugly white panelling and we are slowly but surely getting rid of it! I think that a living room redo is in the works for this coming winter and then it will be gone! Yeah!


icandy... said...

And what a treasure that is... such a beautiful picture!
Happy Sunday!

Lisa said...

I have that paneling in two bedrooms in the apartment, too. It doesn't seem to really be attached to the wall though because when I try to hammer into it, the hammer just bounces off and there's nothing behind it. LOL

Anyway, I love this painting. I've never seen one like this at all. Wouldn't you love to know the story behind the artist coming up with this vision? I like the frame the way it is and I didn't even notice the water stain until you mentioned it.

At least when you finally went treasure hunting you really scored!

Sal said...

I think I like the frame as it is..but knowing me I would be itching to get the paint out!!
Hope you are well!

Junie Moon said...

What a great find! I'd be itching to change the frame. In looking at it in your picture, the frame seems overly shabby chic looking for the lovely painting. Maybe tone it down with some darker-colored paint.

Attic Rat said...

I usually tend to leave things as is but a darker frame would suit the piece better. A combination of painting, antiquing and dry brushing would look great.

I am compelled to go treasure hunting quite often these days as I have an outlet now for larger pieces. Previous to getting this shop, I was limited to items that were easy to ship.

You definitely found a treasure!

Great big smiles,

She'sSewPretty said...

That is beautiful Karen! I think I would "antique" the frame a bit. I had paneling like that in one of my houses and I ended up painting it a pretty blue. It actually worked really well and looked so much better. I have been reading a lot about paint with primer in it lately and that would save a few steps.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This is a beautiful find and judging by the religious artwork that hung in both my grandmother's homes, I'm really surprised that I don't see more in antique stores and at sales now. You have a very nice treasure. I don't know how to repair a water stain. If it doesn't show up much in person, I think it just adds to the vintage appeal. As for the frame, I vote you leave it as is, it looks beautiful to me! Twyla

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweetie! I love your picture! Coicidentally, I found an antique print on cardboard last week of Jesus. I had the same problem with a water stain. I used Brie wax (medium color stain) and very gently 'dabbed' it on the paper. Just use a tiny little amount on a paper towel. The wax gives the paper more of an old world look and will darken it a tad. You can also use the was on the white frame to soften it up a bit if that is the look you are wanting.


Dolly said...

I have that same picture hanging above our organ in the front room!
Ours is in an antique dark wood frame and the print is much darker...
I love it!
I had never seen that print again until now......
Hubby collects vintage religious items so I bought him that one year for Christmas!
I have to say it is one of my favorites!

Would you like to see ours?


P.S. I'd paint the frame to go in which ever room you will be displaying it in!

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