Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pretty in Dots!

What's new?? So, my friend Teresa from CedarJunction emailed me today and gave me the "hint" that I could add a background to my blog easily with HotbliggetyBLOG---yes Teresa, I HAD noticed that I was the last blogger on the planet who still had a boring white background on my blog!! LOL If I had known how easy it was going to be to install, I would have done it a long time agon. Thanks for the kick in the pants, I am now sporting some pretty new polka dots---what do you all think?

I've been happy to get back to the studio and finished up some collages that have been in the works for a while now....of course they have BIRDS in them (are you shocked?) *wink* I tried a new thing on these three by using different paper for the matting, I think it really adds a nice punch of color and a nice dimension to the collages!

BlueJay and Butterfly

Pretty Robin Redbreast

Robin in the Garden

The beautiful bird images I used in these collages were purchased from Scraps of Time -- stop by and check out her shop, great stuff!!!


Marilyn said...

Karen, love the new background....it is so "you"! Your collages are wonderful....especially the bluejay. :)

Lisa said...

The background is definitely you! So pretty. I really love your new collages. I'm sure I'll recover from the shock of you using birds. :)


Your blog looks great - especially with your beautiful collages. The polka dots was a great choice.

Great big smiles,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Karen, your blog looks beautiful in polka dots. I had to laugh, because our blog is just plain pink background, we haven't fancied ours up. Your collages are beautiful! Twyla

iSew said...

LOVE the colored paper mats, and the polka dots too. Excellent.

Pam Aries said...

I popped over from my good friend's Lisa Froggy! She said you had cool stuff and she is right! love your blog!

amy said...

Love the polka dots!!! Thanks for the visit and comment too.

The Catnap Cottage said...

Wow, how pretty they are and I love your new look! It suits you!! Have a great week!!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Just beautiful collages! xo, suzy

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