Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where's Waldo??

I was sitting here scanning some old photos into my computer (compliments of my SIL Mary Ann) and ran across this old birthday party photo and it is just cracking me up!!  I want you to look closely at this photo and see if you can spot my son. 

Helpful Hint:  He is the happiest little boy in the world!!  ROFL!


Lisa said...

haha that is a happy boy!

Home and Heart said...

Oh I just love photos of happy smiling kids!! Your son is adorable, and he COULDN'T look any happier!!

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh Karen, he looks tickled pink amongst all those pretty gals. That is cute.

Jennie said...

What a sweet photo- and a great memory :) Thanks so much for your consignment advice... I really appreciated your post on my blog!

Karen June Miller said...

You Haiku-ku'd!!! And, a smashing job at that. I love it!

As you know, I love poetry. I think Haiku is one of the easiest form. It really translates well to Twitter, too.

You go girl!

Thanks for the visit!

Karen June Miller said...

P.S. Love the "happy boy" photo. I have a son like that, too! He is in my Junior Drama and his energy never stops.


Jeanneoli said...

Nothing makes me laugh harder than old photos..especially from the 80s:-)

Angie said...

hello miss karen kwitty!!!
Long time no chat! I have a new bloggy now come visit me:)I have been hiding under the are things?!!
aka norththreads(ang)
Ps- I added you to my artfire market too:)

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