Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taste Of Home Christmas 2010

Hey...guess who has a project in the new 2010 Taste of Home Christmas book?? 

Hey....I said GUESS....don't just go ahead and look before you make your guess...sheesh, how hard is it to play along?? huh? 


Just got my copy--lots of yummy sounding recipes --of course!  But then there are also lots of cute decorating ideas and crafty projects too.

Here's a shot of the handmade reindeer project that I submitted:

My Reindeer!

It's always fun to see your stuff in print!


treasurefield said...

Karen! That is awesome, and really, really, really cute!!! I don't buy many magazines these days, but I'm going to get that one. They obviously know what's good.
^_^ Congrats to you!!!

Dolly said...

Cute Cute Cute....congratulations Karen!

Just the cake on the cover would make me buy this magazine! :-)

Hugz, Dolly

littlethings1 said...

Wow , that is so cute ! Yes , it is always so great to see your works published ! Now I will have to be on the look out for it ! Congrats !

starrynightimpressions said...

Congrats Karen!!! What a cute idea and such an honor to be published!
It's amazing what can happen when you never stop dreaming :)

Leigh said...

Congrats!! To think, I can say "I knew her when"! I am going to get this magazine for sure! I have missed you and I am proud of you!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow! Congratulations! That is so awesome! How fun.

Kimberly :-)

Rachel said...

Congratulations! How wonderful. What a fun book looks like great recipes, too!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Wow!! That is so fabulous. Your creations are so wonderful, I'm not surprised at all :->
xo, suzy

Carrie said...

Oh MY GOODNESS!! This is amazing! Congratulations! You never cease to amaze me with your talent. SO CUTE!! HUGS!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Congrats, Karen! I'm so happy for you. Your talent speaks for itself!

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