Friday, March 16, 2007

Meandering through the Green

Oh! It has been so beautiful here this week--sunshine and weather in the 40's! Of course, this IS Minnesota, so we got about 4" of snow yesterday, but the sun is back out and it is melting already. I think I have spring fever--I'm finding it very hard to sit down in my basement and craft! I hear the sunshine calling me.

I am a green person. No, I am not the color green (ya big silly), but I love green, I love trees, I love grass--my eyes and soul thirst for green during the winter months. I think that has become totally apparent in my newest little bag that you see to the right! lol Check out this beautiful paisley fabric in a couple shades of green--it is both bright and funky and traditional at the same time--kinda like me. I added a band of a really pretty spring green polka dot and, of course I had to stitch on a cute little birdy!! It can be found in my Etsy shop--oh, and there is a tissue holder there too made with the same fabrics.

Guess what?!!! I am FINALLY getting high speed internet!! YEAH!!! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! This dial-up has become so frustratingly slow now that most websites are so image oriented--and just trying to maintain my Etsy shop has gotten so time consuming that it is ridiculous. I ended up getting a really good deal because I also went and got cell phones for my daughter and I(Happy Birthday Linds!) (she is gonna pee her pants with excitement!) --so I got a package deal and saved some bucks! YEAH!!! It will get hooked up on Tuesday, I can hardly wait!


June said...

The bag is really cute--it looks so springlike that I want to just sing.

Congrats on the upcoming high-speed access, you'll love it!

Pinky said...

Well, you know that I LOVE that bag. I keep telling myself that I don't need it, but BOY, do I want it!!

You only have dial-up?? I'm at my dad's and he has dial up and I am about to scream!! It has taken me 30 minutes to do here what would take me five to do at home. You are going to LOVE it! WOOOO!! You'll be surfing like crazy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my so sweet! I am in love with all of your birds!

nimbleknot said...

Oooh, very lovely. I love green. Your stuff is always so fresh and pretty!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks June! Sing that sweet Spring song, lol!! I can hardly wait until Tuesday!

Thanks Pinky!! :-D Yup, honestly I feel like I am draining my life away sitting here waiting for things to load, LOL! It is gonna be a whole new world--a fast one!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Why, thanks for the nice compliment amyelise!!

And you too nimbleknot!! :-D

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