Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Quaint Poem of Old--and some knitting bags to go along with it!

I recently got my hot little hands on an old copy of Needlecraft magazine, March 1922. It has this wonderful little poem in there titled "Knitting" and I thought I'd share it with you. I've interspersed the verses with pics of some of my knitting or project bags.


by Alicia Carew Stuart

Our Peggy was knitting a stocking
Busy and blythe as a bee-
A dear little, pink little stocking
To fit her dear brother of three.
For Grandma had taught her the stitches,
Holding both the small hands in her own,
And guiding them gently till Peggy
Felt sure she could "go it alone".
Stitch followed stitch on the needles,
Row after row was arrayed,
As Peggy sat knitting like any
Long-ago little puritan maid.
Then, ere one could guess what had happened,
Came a quick, sorry gasp of dismay,
For two of those mischievous stitches
Had slipped off and ravelled away.
Discouraged, she brought the wee stocking
And laid it on Grandmama's knee,
Her eyes brimming over with teardrops:
"Oh dear! it's all spoiled: don't you see?"
But Grandma said, "No--we will mend it,"
A smile on her kind, loving face,
As she picked up those runaway stitches
And brought them right back into place. I smiled as I listened; and pondered
How like to our knitting is life,
Sometimes running smoothly and joy-filled,
Anon marred by sorrow or strife.
Yet, if we will take to the Father
Each trial and blunder and care,
He surely will pick up the stitches,
And help us make life's pattern fair.


Heidijayhawk said...

the bags....the poem...the fact you found a 1922 magazine?! too much!

June said...

Finds like this are fabulous--as are your adorable bags.

KJ said...

I love this poem! I copied it to use in a church newsletter! We have a needle arts crew at church, too!

I was gone most of Friday and Saturday. I will get back to you on my songbird project! I can't wait!!!


Dinah said...

What a wonderful poem! I've copied it too and will share it with knitters, sewers and cross stitchers! Thanks for sharing it.

Dinah said...

I forgot to say that I love all of your embroidery work. It's just beautiful.

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