Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shop Drawing

Well, yesterday I made the 700+ sale in my Etsy shop and, as promised, I did a drawing from the last 25 sales made. Sooo, I called upon my faithful helper, Miss Rosie, and we drew the name of ......(drumroll please!) CATNIPSTUDIO!!!
Congratulation Catnip!!! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful customer--I appreciate your support!! (as you can see from the list above, she is a very loyal customer!!)

AND, just so you don't think that Miss Rosie just chose CatnipStudio because,' CATNIP! Here is a really strange looking picture of Mr. Kwitty to show you that there was actually a human behind the cat paw!! lol

My thanks to all of my other customers too, I appreciate each and every one of you very much. Have a great day!!


Catnip Studio said...

Mmmwwaaahahahhhaaahhaa! My evil plan (buy up all of my favorite tags and increase my chances of winning the drawing) WORKED! Doing the happy dance, as I never win anything, nope, not even free french fries!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi again Kwitty
..Your banner is so cute ..but I really think the banner should be the large face close up of you looking at us through your glasses```that was fabulous(:) big hugs Patty and congrats on the big $$$ at etsy..

meow. said...

what a cute kitty :)

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