Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello!! How do you like my new purse?? Isn't it a sweety? Guess what---it was a prize I won from the Vintage Indie Swanky Swag giveaway!! Yup! Seriously, Gabreial has such a wonderful blog "Vintage Indie" --full of really great stuff & interviews with fantastic indie artists. To top it all off, she does these fantastic giveaways too. You HAVE to check it out! I was lucky enough to win the Spring into Summer giveaway--check out my winnings! The purse you see above was made by the talented BACK HOME AGAIN , it's just my style (vintage tablecloth, yum!) and so well made. She also included that cute little, wonderfully scented lavender sachet to match. Thanks so much BackHomeAgain--I just love it! I can't wait to take my new purse to church!

Then there is this beautiful bit of wall art---a beautiful portion from a vintage appliqued quilt skillfully mounted on a lightweight base, and finished so nicely on the back (I've attempted to mount fabric items and know it's not as easy as it looks to get a nice finish!) This was donated by the talented HighDesertDiva . Thank you so much for such a lovely bit of the past!! This is going in my studio!Then, there is this darling tea cozy! It is really so cute, and you can't tell by the pic, but it is beautifully beaded and had the cutest little buttons and charms attached here and there! Love it! And check out the lovely crocheted pull at the top--charming! This was donated by a lovely Mother/Daughter team-- Brissonte . It's so lovely--thank you!Last, but not least!! is this pretty little locket from CharmingSam --it is just so old fashioned and sweet--I love it!! Thank you Charming Sam--I will enjoy wearing this very much!Here are a few of my new cuties to finish off the post! Swing by my shop if you need a cute little pin to dress up your purse or jacket!


High Desert Diva said...

I'm so glad you're happy with the piece I made. I appreciate the kind've made my day!

Catnip Studio said...

Beautiful gifts, how wonderful!

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