Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big Hugs Santa

Big Hugs Santa
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Hello Readers. Well, it's been a strange few days. Having Etsy down for several days and then there it is, all shiny and new, and then trying to be patient while they iron out all the wrinkles, lol! I have faith in them though, and think that the new Etsy is going to be great.
I went ahead and ordered a couple items today just so I could try out the new shopping cart and to be sure that I know how things work in case a customer has any questions for me. The shopping cart is wonderful! Yeah! It is nice to be able to have all the business part of the shopping all in one place, and the check out was nice too. You still have to pay each artist individually, but they make it nice and easy for you to do.
I just went and tryed to list this loveable, huggy Santa, but things are a little slow right now and I kept timing out. I think I might try again after I pick up the kids from Religous Ed class. But get the first peek at him! C'mon....give Santa a big hug! lol This turned out to be a very labor intensive project, but the end product seems to be worth it. He is actually a stuffed doll, made with felt, which I had to stiffen after the doll was put together. It took several coats of the stiffener with drying time in between, then a couple painting coats, then the gimp was applied, and the gold painting done. Then I had to attach his beard and put on his face, lol. Last, but not least, he got a glittery gold star to hold. If you are interested in having him for your very own, check Etsy either later tonight or tomorrow some time.

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Joni said...

Adorable! I think this is my favorite Christmas creation so far. Well with the exception of the photo album. That was really neat! I see your shop is doing so well and that is great!

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