Saturday, November 18, 2006

Retro Cabin Style Car/Truck Trash Bag

Hello Readers. A cold, kind of dreary day here....hope things are a little brighter where you are. We can feel winter approaching quickly.

I just finished trying to get on Etsy again...I can log on OK but keep getting the timed out error message when I try to move around on there. It sure is taking them some time to get things running properly...but I would like to encourage any of you that have run into trouble there to keep trying! They will have things figured out very soon, I am sure! I am eager to continue my Christmas shopping, I have found so many beautiful and unique items there and I am very excited!

Here is that deer car/truck trash bag that I was telling you I was designing a long time ago! I finally got a batch of different colors and styles made, they have been doing pretty good at the craft fairs, and now I finally have the pics taken and loaded onto the comp, wheww!! LOL This one was listed in my Etsy shop yesterday, if you are interested. I totally fell in love with this 30's style fabric when I saw it at the quilt shop! and if it wasn't almost $9 a yard, I would be making a whole new set curtains for our cabin with it! But, I did get enough to make a few of these really nice car/truck trash bags. I really like the blue and the birch trees along with the beautiful bucks. I used the deer print for the center and bordered it with a retro looking brown print. A great gift idea for the guys who like hunting or the outdoors.

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norththreads said...

You have been soooooo busy, where do you get the time ????? Stunning goodies!

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