Saturday, November 11, 2006

Old Fashioned Red and White Love Ornaments

Hello Readers. I had the cutest thing happen at the craft fair I did today. See the ornament here, the red heart that says LOVE? I made these ornaments as a special order for a customer, and I ended up with one extra red one. Well, I brought it to the fair today and stuck it on my little display tree with all the other ornaments. This darling little boy, about 8 years old, a cute little blondie with a couple teeth missing ( you know how cute that is! LOL ) came to my booth and looked my tree over, very intently...he actually spent quite a bit of time looking at everything. Then his mom came over, he whispered something in her ear, he went over and grabbed the LOVE ornament off the tree, and handed me the money. I put the ornament in a bag and thanked him, and then glanced over at his mom, and she looked like she was about to blow up! Her face was all red and her eyes looked a little watery, which I thought was pretty strange. The little boy got about 15 feet away and the mom all of a sudden just burst out laughing! "He's in love, " she informed me "and he wanted to get the perfect Christmas present for his sweetheart!". OK!!!!!! How sweet is that? It really made my day. :-} That, of course, is my favorite sale of all times!


Joni said...

Oh that is so sweet! I am so thankful for little things like that, that really make my day. Thanks for sharing!

pinky said...

HOw Sweet!!! These are just lovely and I know soooo many people that would just love these!! Can't wait till the shops open up again!

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