Friday, April 06, 2007

...and the winner is......

Sorry it got so late--but we had a rather long mass this evening (Good Friday) and then Linds and I hit the video store for movies. Anywhoooo- the winner is **********!!! Yeah! Congrats iSew-- email me with your address and I will send that right out to you! BTW, I just went and visited her blog today, and it is really nice--go check it out!

I have been busy working on collages the last few days. I have a custom order for 8 of them--another wedding thing! Yeah! It is fun to do something besides sewing every once in a while. I do love sewing, but I love to do the collages too. Remember the hearts I did at Valentines? The collages are a lot like doing those, only I get to put them in a pretty little shadowbox frame so they can be more dimensional. So, that means that I get to go shopping for cool, unique little doodads to put in them!! I went yesterday to my favorite little shop--Seaman's Yesterdays Treasures. I found all kinds of pretty little trinkets--some vintage cards, old jewelry, some pretty rhinestones, old buttons, and nice pieces of handmade laces. The collage pictured here is one I have listed in my Etsy shop called "Sweet Beauty". Stop in if you are interested!

Well, I wish you all a very Happy Easter full of love and family. God Bless.


eva said...

I love Your bird! Especially because it`s green! Very spring-y!!!!!!!!!
I`ll come back often:)

iSew said...

Hooray, thanks Mrs. Kwitty. Have a happy Easter.

Jenni-Raie said...

do you know all the people you make custom orders for, or are they people who see your stuff and want it?

congrats on all the business, by the by!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thank you Eva! Hey, I love green AND birds too :-D

Yeah iSew!!!! Happy Easter to you too!

Hi Jenn! People see my work and then contact me and ask me to do something special for them. :-D Yeqah for custom orders!

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