Monday, April 09, 2007


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Ours was really nice, and now we have all those good leftovers! I LOVE ham & pineapple sandwiches made on little dollar buns! mmmmm! AND cheesecake--oh mama! :-D
Here is one of my new collages. I made a few for my custom order, but she wanted to go with a little different style, so now I get to put them in my Etsy shop! Yeah! I just listed this pretty vintage style collage , framed up in a little 5" x 5" shadowbox frame this morning. If you have a "Dear Sister", this would be a perfect little gift to show her that she is very dear to you. I used a glass bubble over the image, which looks pretty cool (I think), and that delicate ivoy color trim across the top corner is actual vintage trim taken off of an old wedding gown. There are even a couple antique, slightly crusty (lol) mother-of-pearl buttons! Swing by the shop if you are interested! Thanks.
It's funny that I've been working on the Sister collages lately, and it really got me to thinking about the sisters I've had in my life. I was the oldest child in our family, with 3 younger brothers. When I was about 12 my Dad remarried to a woman who had 2 daughters and I was so excited to have sisters!! I had dreamt of having sisters for so long (a side note: I actually ran away from home, after my youngest brother was born, when I was 5- because my Mom came home from the hospital with ANOTHER baby brother! I specifically told her that I wanted a sister this time!!) Unfortunately, one of them was a troubled teen with drug problems and she committed suicide shortly after I met her. My other step-sister and I got along so wonderfully! It was great, she was only one year younger than I and we quickly became the best of friends. We had so many great times together. We are basically total opposites! LOL Which didn't matter much when we were kids, but began to wear on us as we aged. Unfortunately, we have grown apart and don 't even really keep in touch--I've tried but she doesn't keep it up, and I don't want to bug her, so ..... It's sad really, and I still love her and hope her life is going good and she is happy. I have a 9 wonderful sisters-in-law now--so that makes me very happy. You see, I got my sisters in the end--A whole bunch of them! LOL


Jenn Maruska said...

What a pretty collage!

I'll be your "Etsy sister" - how does that sound? : )

Happy Easter to you -

Jenn : )

iSew said...

That's a very pretty corsage.

My sister & I are complete opposites too, oil and water. She's 6 years older than I am, but I think I passed her in maturity about 15 years ago. Sister-in-laws and Cousin's Wives are much nicer to have sometimes. :)

iSew said...

Oh my gosh, why did I say corsage? Duh! It's late here. I meant that's a very pretty collage.

Anonymous said...

Great story! I have two sassy sisters and a brother, I would rather hang out with his wife any day!! I love the bubble in your collage! Beautiful!!

altjoujou said...

Love your collages!
And your story is so bitter-sweet. May I be your sister, too?

Felicia said...

Terrific collage!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thank you Jenn! It would make me very happy to be Etsy sisters with you!! (((hug)))!

Thanks isew! It's helps to know I'm not alone :-] in the sister thing. I think one of our problems is the maturity thing too--she was the baby in her first family and ended up being the second to the oldest in our new family--and it didn't really fit her. And, well, I have always been the oldest :-l

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks amyelise!! :-D

Thank you Alisa---I would be very honored to be your sister! :-D

Thank you Felicia!

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