Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Girl's Weekend AKA A Minnesota Hurricane!

OK--another Girl's Weekend has come and gone! This one was a little different than most, to be sure. We are a hardy bunch of gals--no sissies here. We've been doing the weekend for many years now and have run into a LOT of different weather situations: hot, cold, rainy, windy, etc. and we take it in stride, dress for the weather, and play outside anyways. This year we ended up spending almost the entire time inside the cabin! lol I went up on Friday afternoon because it was a beautiful day and I wanted to sit in the sun and read a book! And I did! For about 3 hours and then the wind started to blow. My sis-in-law showed up and we went and sat on the other dock which was out of the wind a bit more and had a nice time up until right about dusk when the wind really picked up and it started to drizzle. The next thing you know we are in the middle of a big thunderstorm and the wind is raging and whistling through the trees. It never stopped! lol The temps dropped down into the 30's and 40's--the winds were constant at about 40-50mph and we were even blessed with some snow! At one point I thought for sure the cabin was going to be picked up --ala Wizzard of Oz--and tossed to a new location! Anyways, so we just had to stay inside and play the whole time. It was fun, but I had really been looking forward to doing some outdoorsy stuff. Oh well. Oh, AND I neglected to put fresh batteries in my camera and it pooped out on me the first time I used it. I did manage to get a pic of my friend in her annual "bra" picture, but that was it. We've decided that we got gyped and are going to re-schedule a little later in the year. Soooo, how was your weekend?? :-D


Jenn Maruska said...

How fun! I can't believe you had snow and everything - I'm just happy that you made it back in one piece after all that!!!

What a bummer about your camera!

Sounds like you had fun, though : )

Good to have you back in blogland - We've missed ya! : )

Bonny said...

I LOVE girls weekends - they are so much fun and it's nice to just let your hair down and let loose (knowing it won't come back to haunt you later!) Glad you had a good time!

She'sSewPretty said...

I would love to be trapped inside a cabin with nothing to do but read and play cards. Fun! Can't work on the tan from inside though. At least, you have another weekend to look forward to.

Dinah said...

The girls weekend must be a blast for ya'll every year. It sure sounds like it is! I'm happy it was fun - weather and all.

iSew said...

Haha! It sounds like you had a great time anyway. It's nice to stay inside sometimes too.


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