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Random Facts about Me.

Here's my latest Inspiration Kit--Roses and Romance. It can be found in my Etsy shop! I am really having fun putting these together. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement you have all given me about these kits, you are all so sweet! BTW--that pretty little pink rosebud that you can see in the middle was made by the talented Betty at Shessewpretty--she sells them in her shop! I had just gotten the ones I ordered from her in the mail--and I had to add one to this kit.

OK--I've been tagged by Beadiful Things and Saffron at Poppy Cat News . Double tag, double listing...hmmm..

The Rules:--List seven random facts/habits about yourself--Choose another seven bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog--Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

So, here goes:
1) I come from very large families--my Grandparents (my Dad's parents) had 17 kids, my other Grandparents (Mom's parents) had 8 kids, and then I married into another large family--my hub is the youngest of 10 kids! We had a pretty small family with only me and my 3 brother--but then I ended up with 4 step-siblings, so there were 8 of us! lol

2) I think I was born to sew. When I was just a little tiny girl, my favorite toys were those cardboard cards with the grommets in them, and you would lace the shoelaces through the holes like you were sewing. When I was about 5 I got my first little toy sewing machine and I LOVED it! I would make all kinds of things for my dollies and for my Mom. When I was 11, ALL I wanted for Christmas was a REAL sewing machine--that is it--nothing else! I got a Kenmore sewing machine that I had for about 20 years.

3) My parent got divorced when I was about 7 years old, and my 3 brothers and I stayed with my Dad (which was pretty rare in those days!). I learned to cook and clean and take care of babies at that time, and by the time I was 8 years old, I was pretty good in the kitchen and could change and bathe a baby like a pro!

4) I'm famous (with the people who know me!) for my soups. People save me their bones and scraps and bring them to me with the stipulation that I must share my soup with them! lol My brother Will, has a physic connection with my soup pot! Somehow, he always shows up at my doorstep when I make soup!

5) My hub and I decided that I would be a stay-at-home-Mom once our kids came along--so we have always been on a real tight budget. Due to this fact, I can brag about this--I once saved $68.79 in coupons at the grocery store!! Once the coupons were rung in, my bill was under $20. Oh, and it was NOT double coupons either. Long live the Queen.

6) I didn't learn to drive until I was 31. Yup, 31! (before I got my license, I used to walk-- 5 miles a day--to and from work).

7) My hub and I are going to be married--again-- very soon! We're just waiting for the paperwork to get finished. (We are catholics, and in order to get married in the church I had to have my first marriage annulled--and it finally came through, which has taken a little over 2 years). So we will have 2 wedding anniversaries each year--15 years apart!

8) I love to watch movies. We have over 200 movies here in tapes and dvd's. After the kids were born, we decided we didn't want to have cable tv (too much junk!), so we just would buy movies to watch when there was nothing on tv--and the collection has grown to rather large proportions!

9) I call my daughter "neeneenanooo" and she calls me "meemeemamooo".

10) I need to have knee replacement surgery and I keep putting it off, which is ruining my so-called "good" knee.

11) I'm a pretty boring person, and I am having a hard time thinking of 14 things that may be interesting about myself! lol

12) We moved around constantly when I was a kid. My Dad worked as a tiler for a long time and then he got into sales and we would move where there was work. I never completed a whole year at one school until I was in the 9th grade. Always the "new kid". I think that is why I am such a homebody. I am so very happy to have been in our home for 14 years--and I love it here! Having roots ROCKS!!

13) I love to do crossword puzzles---HARD crossword puzzles.

14) My favorite snack is popcorn and a cup of cocoa. Sweet and salty--oh yeah!

There! lol Now who will I torture, I mean PICK, to do this next? How about:

Teresa at Cedar Junction
Angela at Norththreads
Have Fun!!


Jenn Maruska said...

Great list! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful facts with us : )

I'll be working on mine tomorrow...

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

You is my new bestest friend. (said in my best little girl's voice) Thanks so much for mentioning my roses. Now if I sell some I can buy that cute pack from you. LOL I just did the 7 weird things about me tag. But just for you I'll add some random stuff about me in the morning. Can't post twice in one day, ya know. Or can I?

saffron said...

Wow you are a great sport... 2 lists! Thanks for participating!!

I moved a lot as a kid too. 8 schools from k-12. And I'm very much of a homebody too!

Happy Monday!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great list. I am glad I only had to do 7!!

Your blog is very fun to visit!
Lidy said...

I am loving these lists, so fun! (good luck with the knee)
Thanks for coming to see me too, I am entering each comment into a drawing for May 15 and 25.

iSew said...

I think this is my favorite list of factoids so far. It's great to learn about people this way.

I think I was born sewing too, or doing anything artistic. I didn't get my own first sewing machine till about 18, but I always had one to use. My mom sewed, and my grandma did it all day. I loved to sit on her back porch & make things.

Pookie and Fig said...

Nice list! Wow, is it nice to hear of someone else who didn't get their drivers license right away (I waited until I was 23.) And can I just say how amazed I am with your coupon skills--very impressive!

suchprettycolors said...

another beautiful kit!

i hope you'll do a post about soup someday, with maybe pictures, and!

i used to walk to work, too, but not 5 miles, that's impressive. :)

kimberly sherrod said...

wow! Those are very interesting facts- I love the coupon thing! Thats downright frugal! We also watch a lot of movies and pop corn and cocoa rocks! I like your kits too- they are great!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! You know, I was just drooling over your etsy shop yesterday and didn't realize it was you! I sell on etsy, too! I am adding you to my fav's... I love your blog! Now I have to follow in your footsteps; hubby wants me to have a $20 grocery shopping bill (we have 4 kids)!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

These kits are just great! Very pretty items & artistically chosen.

I love reading these lists--it's fun to lear a bit more about each other!--esp. the avatars we see on etsy, but don't really know.

BreeLeeD said...

These lists are rather fun!

I didn't learn to drive until I was almost 22.5. I really don't like driving, but it's sort of hard to avoid where I live.

I ♥ watching movies, too! I like to watch movies right before I go to bed.

Congrats on getting married again!

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