Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inspration Kit #2--Birds in Spring

Spring has sprung--the grass is finally starting to turn green around here. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and chasing each other around--but unfortunately, as is pretty common here, the wind is coming right off of the lake and it is COLD! I might have to head up over the hill to get any spring-like warmth today! It is nice to live so close to the lake, so I'm not complaining, but you know how it is in the spring when you have been waiting and waiting for the warmth! Sigh.

I have been getting that urge to spring clean--air things out--get rid of the dust! I always feel so sorry for my houseplants by the end of the winter. They just look kinda gray and dusty! As soon as it looks like it isn't gonna freeze anymore, I like to get the hose hooked up outside and take all the houseplants out and line them up on the porch railings and spray the bejeebers out of them! Add some new dirt to thier pots and let them sit in the sun for a while. I'm gonna do that as soon as the wind shifts, lol.

I finished up my big order for the Loopy Ewe, and another custom order I was working on, so now I get to play a little! Speaking of spring cleaning, I was thinking about doing some destashing and listing the items in my Etsy shop, and I started to get a little stack going when I decided that instead of just listing individual items for sale, I would make little packs of things that match! Yeah! So I get to have fun putting the packs together--and maybe they will be an inspiration for a project or two for someone else! Win/Win! I listed my first kit yesterday and it sold right away. Sooo, this morning I put together another one--the one pictured above. I call this one Birds in Spring. It is listed in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested.

Well, I should go back to work. I've been working on designing a potholder---but it's not really turning out too well! LOL What I have is more like a mini quilt instead of a potholder (yeah, I got a little carried away! lol) So, I need to get back to the drawing board. Maybe I'll try and finish up the hand stitching on that mini quilt this evening while I'm watching Ugly Betty and see if I can get it listed tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone--and so soak up some sun for me--OK?!!


Jenn Maruska said...

I noticed your inspiration pack the other day - it was so pretty. How can you bear to part with all those fun goodies??

: )


Looks like Spring has sprung! Your work makes me want to go outside with my cup of coffee and sit on the patio and watch the birds.
- Teresa

suchprettycolors said...

I loooove Ugly Betty!

That pile of goodies looks yummy. :)

Beadiful Things said...

Tag, you're it! Come to my blog to find out the details.

Betty @She's Sew Pretty said...

oh......please make another inspiration pack. I was too late. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Love the kits!! I received my coupons from Baskin Robbins yesterday! Thank you! Our Friday night will be much yummier!! XOXO

saffron said...

Wow! I'm lovin your little packages of goodies!

And I see you've already been tagged and I hope you don't mind but I'm also tagging you! :)And I know I'm second so if you only do the first one I completely understand!! Check out my blog for details.

Thanks and have fun!

Jenni-Raie said...

did this one sell yet? I think you're brilliant for doing this! i've decided that i need to de-stash too. not sure what to do with my stuff though. i don't think people will take to it as much as they have with you.

iSew said...

Add me to the list of Inspiration Kit lovers please. What a great idea. Perhaps I'll do a little destashing when my belongings arrive from England. I doubt I could come up with such a lovely kit.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Jenn! It's not easy, lol, cuz I am a bit of a pack rat! I guess it is not so bad because I AM making something with them, even if it is just a kit.

Thanks Teresa (nice of you to drop by!)

Thanks SuchPrettyColors! Yeah, Ugly Betty! I look forward to it all week :-D

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi BeadifulThings--ok, I'll work on that tag thing. Hmmmm--weird things about me?....there are so many! lol

Thanks Betty :-D

Thanks Amy--enjoy your ice cream!

Thanks Saffron! I'll see if I can work on that blog tag later today :-D.

Hi Jenni-raie! Yes, that one sold too. I listed another one last night, "roses and romance". Thanks for the nice compliment :-D

Thank you isew! :-D

Anisito said...

Really nice pack

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