Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This, that, and some other stuff

Look at this adorable little cutey!! It was made by the sweet and delightful Theresia of Minori Design--and she is also at Etsy. So I now have a new little friend to hold my pins and needles for me so I don't stick them into the arms of the couch!! Make sure to check out all her adorable little critters--they are as cute as she is (almost!).
AND look at this adorable clipboard and all the extra goodies I got from Angela at Norththreads. I Love, love, love it all! I think this may actually give me the incentive to clean up my computer room (which is disgusting, but don't tell anyone-- sshhhh). She is such a talented crafter and seamstress and a junker extraordinaire! Stop by her blog, she's such a sweety and her blog is a lot of fun to read.
AND guess who had an item on the Etsy front page this morning?? Yeah! See my little coaster in there? It sold before I got to see it in person, but Lorenzstudio was kind enough to send me a screen shot so I could show off!!

And the delightful Teresa of Cedar Junction gave me the Rockin' Girl Blogger!! yeah!! Being the old fart that I am---I very seldom get called a "rockin' girl" so this was a double thrill for me, LOL!! Teresa makes really cute altered art items and you have to check out this Dust Fairy--it is so cute---I really need to get one of them for my home! Check out her shop, she has lots of really cute things!

So now I get to award this to who? Seriously, I can't choose. Really. I'm not just saying that to be cute or whatever, I just really think you all ROCK--all you, and you know who you are, all of you who's blogs I frequent and who come here to visit with me and leave me such nice comments. Thanks so much for your friendship--I ♥ you all. You Rock!

Oh, and one more thing. I added a couple new things to the bottom of my blog. There is a new Etsy mini that features items from my Favorites list at Etsy. This changes a lot as I find cool, beautiful new items there all the time. AND second--there is a SLIDE guestbook!! PLEASE sign in there and leave a pic and a comment--put your web addy or blog addy on there so other's can find your marvelous selves! C'mon, my little birdy is getting really lonesome down there and is starting to think that her deodorant may have lost it's potency. :-)

OH!! and ANOTHER one more thing---if you want a good laugh, you have to go and read Ben Can Dance--all about his quest to find a gal. This one had me laughing till I cried!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's New??

Oh my--back to school is coming up quick!! I had to take the kids to their registration day this week. I can't believe my little baby will be going to high school this year. She is really playing it cool, but she seemed a little nervous when I pulled up in front of our 100 + year old high school--it really is an imposing building! They are just growing up so dang fast, I can't take it!

I feel so bad for Misty, she is really starting to get antsy from being laid up with that leg of hers--the doctor told her this week that it will still be at least a couple more weeks before she can start walking on it, and she was REALLY disappointed. I've been trying to spend more time upstairs with her instead of being down in my craftroom, so she doesn't get so lonesome! Therefore---lots of embroidery getting done, LOL. I get up early in the morning (before Misty is awake) and run down to my craftroom to sew up projects with the embroideries I have finished up while upstairs. Here are the new items I've gotten listed over the past several days.

Here's a new bagkeeper, Happy as a Lark. I made with this cute as heck singing Lark--a vintage Vogart pattern. The bagkeeper is a nice big one, and fully lined with a nice pink cotton. Peek in at my Etsy shop if you want a closer peek at the fun fabrics I used on this one. I sold my other little mouse bag--so I decided to do one up with another of the cute mice in that pattern line-- this pretty little mouse. Little Miss Emma, busy with her laundry on Tuesdays--carefully starching and pressing her favorite vintage embroidered linens! Decorative stitching and even a pretty daisy trim dress this one up very nicely.I've had so much fun making these little coasters--and I found some more of the red/white polka dot fabric in my stash--so I did up some of them in this aqua/red theme. Don't you love that pretty aqua rick rack? It was a gift from the sweet-as-pie Miss Bufforfington aka Dinah. Really, I just have the NICEST blog friends in the world! Thanks so much Dinah, it's gorgeous and totally made this project!And last, but not least, I did up this adorable little bluebird and turned it into the cutest little drawstring bag. I love the fabric on this--it reminds me of Grandma's favorite apron. I call this one Twitter Tweet.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey!! Long time no see!

Hi! I've been trying and trying to get on here and update--but it's been prettyy hectic around here. Anywhoo--think it's all back to normal now.

We had a really nice little vacation. I was a little bummed that the weather wasn't better 'cuz I wanted to go swimming (it was kinda cold and windy)-- but it was good for fishing anyways! Yeah!
Here's our God-daughter Meggie, with her first fish--not too shabby!! LOL Caught on her new Sponge Bob fishing pole.

And here's the hubby with his WHOPPER! Of course, it's much bigger when HE tells the story, lol! Seriously--I had to take a picture of this as it was absolutely the smallest walleye I've ever seen. So cute!

And look what my brother Will caught!!

A full weekend--and all good fishermen were tuckered out at the end of it all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Prayer for all my Blog Sistahs

Every single evening As I'm lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer Keeps running through my head:
God bless all my familyWherever they may be,
Keep them warm and safe from harm
For they're so close to me.
And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do;
Hope you don't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.
Now I know that it's unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.
You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments
Rest so many of my friends.
I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.
By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you.
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.
Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That's filled with so much love.
Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits "send".
When you update your Heavenly list
On your own Great CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to Amen

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Every year we go up to the cabin around the middle of August--it's my birthday present! The best thing I can get for my birthday is a little rest and relaxation--oh and fishing, swimming, campfires, hot dogs over fire, smores, horseshoes, and happy un-bored kids! Yeah! I'm bringing a book, I'm so excited! I've been wanting to lie around a read a book for such a long time now, but just haven't been able to fit it in. I'm gonna blow up a big floaty, put on some sunscreen, and hit the lake with my book. Ahhhh.

But, we have a busy day today! Linds and I will be cooking our little buns off. I don't like to have to do too much work while we are there so we pretty much get everything made ahead of time so all the food is just grab and eat or heat and eat. Let's see....potato salad, tuna salad, strawberry whipped jello, a couple sandwich spreads, crockpot full of sloppy joes, veggie tray and dip, big bowl of fresh fruit, green salad all washed and spun, devilled eggs, cake---sounds good huh?!! Two of my brother's and their families will be joining us up there on Saturday and Sunday--and we have both of our kids and they each get to bring a friend--so I have to feed lots of people (and half of them are teenagers!). It's gonna be so fun! yeah!

Misty's leg is healing nicely but she still cannot put any weight on it. She has osteoporosis-at age 21! So her healing is moving along slowly.

Not too much time for crafting, but I have managed to finish a couple embroideries--MICE! So cute. I love vintage Aunt Martha's!! They've been turned into a couple of pouches: A bigger one that is done up to the nines in old-fashioned cuteness. This is a pretty good size bag, approx. 16" x 11", with lots of fun details. It's been listed in my shop.

Then I did up this little padded camera pouch. I added a little color to this embroidery--just for fun! This one measures in at around 7 1/2" x 4 1/4", and is padded with a natural cotton batting to protect your camera or other gadgets from bumps. It is also listed in my Etsy shop.

I'm still open for business today and any orders that are completed before 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (August 16) morning will be sent out before we leave. All orders that are placed while we are gone will be packed and mailed out on Tuesday morning (August 20).

Have fun and I'll see you when I get back!

Monday, August 13, 2007

And the Winner is.....

Hello! I suppose you are all dying to know who won the drawing! Linds and I DID do the drawing last night, but I was a little too tired from the weekend to write up a post and thought I would wait until this morning when I was more fresh and alert!

And the winner is.....Dinah!! Yeah! I already have your address Dinah, so I will just pack up your goodies and send them off to you. Thanks to all of you who entered and left such sweet thoughtful comments--((HUGS)).

I just finished up this new collage and got it listed in my shop this morning. A nostalgic piece made with these cute-as-can-be vintage net butterflies (which I've had for a long time but they are almost too cute to use, know what I mean?!) I wanted to make sure they were used in a proper project that would show off their beauty! I found some old McCall's crafts magazines in my last trip to the antique shop--"Grand Avenue Treasures"--and found this image in an issue from 1952. I really like the effect the numbers have on the texture of it. I added a little bit of mini rick rack (surprise!) lol, and a really nice and sparkly vintage rhinestone button. The tinsel around the edges really adds to the nostalgic feel, don't you think? It's framed under glass in a cute little shadowbox frame that I painted a nice cream color .

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nice DOES Matter

I was recently given this NICE MATTERS award by one of my very favorite blog friends, Joni
and I thank you so much Joni, if anyone knows about nice, it's you :-).
So now the task goes to me to award this to some of the people I think deserves it. It's a tough one, because I certainly don't want to exclude any of the truly nice people who visit me here and have shown me such warmth and kindness . So anyways--here are 5 of the many nice bloggers that I know

1) JennMaruska-- Jenn is my sister--blog sistah! She truly deserves the NICE MATTERS award for her thoughtfulness. All around blogland you will find her thoughtful comments--and don't we all love to check our blogs and find comments?!! Especially ones where it is obvious that they read and really "got" where you were coming from? Thanks Jenn!! Check out her blog for a really enjoyable read!

2) iSew-- Ginny is another really NICE gal--a sistah! I love to check her blog to see what she is discovering this time. She is newly moved to California and it's so fun to read and see what new discoveries she is making. Oh, and the fact that we have the same taste in fabric and such might have a little to do with it too! lol I love her style and her impeccable workmanship.

3) MissBufforfington-- Dinah is a sweetheart! Not only a nice blog friend, a good customer, and a thoughtful blog friend-- she has even shared her major rick rack score and store with me!! Thanks Dinah--Yeah!

4) Pinky -- Ok--seriously, people do not come any nicer than Pinky. Really. She is fun, funny, thoughtful, warm--well, just go and read her blog and you will understand what I am talking about.

5) Norththreads --Another blog sistah--Angela is the person who inspired me to open up my Etsy shop. I enjoy her warmth and style--and the occassional swap :-). A sweet, loving, talented gal.

There they are--but really, if you look to the right at my "favorite blogs" link list--I love every one of the people linked there. I am touched and inspired, laugh, cry, and learn new things every day because of them. Thanks and big hugs all around!
Oh! I almost forgot--if you were awarded a Nice Matters award, you can grab the award and display it in your blog--and go ahead and pick 5 nice people that you know!! Have fun!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Kindness of Not-so-Strangers

You are so nice. Yes, you. I'm talking to you. :=)

Seriously, you are the nicest bunch of people ever! Whenever I start to get the blues, I just have to come to my little blog here and I feel better in no time flat. Thanks so much for all the sweet and kind comments on my Milestone blog post (below--and there is still time to enter in the drawing!!--go leave a comment if you haven't already and you will be entered). Then I have found out about a couple other sweet things too-- (this is gonna sound really braggy--so cover your ears!)

1) Joni--of My Piece of Heaven has awarded me with the NICE MATTERS award! Thanks so much Joni--you know I love ya! If you haven't visited Joni's blog yet, you really should. She has the most AMAZING photos and stories of life on her farm--and she is just a warm and wonderful person!

2) KJ--aka Karen June of Eye-Dyllic did a Natural Wonders tag thingee--and was sweet enough to do one of the tags on lil old me!! Thanks KJ--I love the beautiful photos you chose for the tags! KJ is fairly new to blogging--but you wouldn't know it! A great read--stop on by!

3) The lovely SunnyKristi--of Sunnypond Home has kindly bestowed on me the Creative Blogger award. Thanks Kristi--I am very honored! Stop by Kristi's blog--she's just one of the gals--raising a couple of kids, blogging, crafting, sewing, thrifting--you know!! And just a sweety all around!

Well, my back hurts--I've been on the comp too long today. I am going to come back and hand out a few awards of my own later. But many thanks again to all of you--you bring a lot of joy to my life!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Milestone--- Time for a Drawing!!

Hello fine blog friends and sistahs. I reached a milestone last night on my Etsy shop--300 items sold! Three is my favorite number, so we need to celebrate! Yeehaw :-) I've decided to do a drawing in honor of reaching this milestone--I'm going to put together a Goody Bag, filled with some of my stash of laces, ribbons, buttons, and what ever else I feel like adding!

You can enter by leaving me a comment here in this post--and if you don't have a blog or an Etsy shop, you will have to leave me some way to get ahold of you, in case you win!! The winner will be picked by random drawing (highly technical stuff, I will put all the names in a hat and have one of my kids draw a name!) on Sunday--August 12th. Good Luck!

I've put a few new things in my shop over the last couple days. There is this drawstring bag--made with some of the gorgeous fabric that I purchased to make my new curtains with! Isn't it pretty?!! I added some unbleached cotton to set off the print--and some gorgeous vintage ribbon lace, laced with a pale blue satin ribbon. Then I embroidered the word "AMORE" down on the bottom. Sweet. It's a pretty roomy bag too and would look great just hanging around holding some of your treasures!
Then I made a tissue holder to match--just cuz' the fabrics look so pretty together!
And here's another of my little "coasters for one"--I call her Prissy, not really sure why, but she looks like a Prissy to me! Cute and small and feminine. Hand stitched.

OK--well, I need to go and pack up some stuff for mailing today--yeah! So I'd better get a move on. Remember to leave a comment here so you can get in the drawing!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something smells good around here.

Ok--a couple things actually! Ever since I started having a shop at Etsy--I love to go and check the mail! lol I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. It's not just the Etsy shop, but that is when I started blogging too and meeting all you wonderful people! It's so nice to not just have BILLS in the mailbox all the time--now there is even fun and wonderful stuff in there once in a while.

Friday, I opened up my front door and was treated to the most lovely smell wafting from my mailbox! I had ordered some french lavender buds from POPKO at Etsy and there they were! Yeah. Just lovely--very aromatic and pretty! Not like the crushed and dried up old lavender that I always see around here. Plump, colorful, and smells like heaven. I ran right downstairs and put into action a little idea I had rolling around in my mind for a few days.....

I made a little sachet with that gorgeous vintage trim that I recently acquired. So soft and sweet. I took pictures of it hanging on the pretty little cabinet I found to put in my new staircase--isn't it lovely there? I need to make one for us--this cabinet just looks bare without it! It's listed here .

I finished up this totebag just this morning before church. I'm very pleased with it--a medium weight khaki canvas base with a cute patchwork band in greens and pinks and a little vintage rick rack, of course! (what's a bag without rick rack??) Here's my darling teeny tiny daughter modelling it for the pictures. She sure makes it look big! Oddly, it looks much smaller when I carry it! LOL It's in my shop if anyone is interested.

I'm happy to have Linds back home. She had a great time at the cabin and she came home bragging about all the fish she caught! Tanned and tired, and a little homesick. She's such a joy, and it's nice to hear her laughing and teasing her brother around the house again.

Well, I have some dark bananas in the kitchen just waiting to be turned into some banana nut bread--mmmm, some more yummy smells coming right up!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ain't life grand!

Oh! It's a gorgeous summer day! The humidity has dropped and the temp is in the mid 70's--perfect! I feel like I could take on the world today!

Here are a few of my newest items:

Here's a cute wrist pincushion--It's all hand stitched and I used woolfelt and feedsack fabrics to make it a flower--a little wrist corsage. I've put some cardboard between the flower layers, so the pins won't poke you in the arm. There's a nylon belt webbing strap with a good long velcro strip--so it should fit any size arm. I do have a picture of it in my Etsy shop- actually ON my arm, but my arm is so tan that it looks kinda weird! lol So I just show it here by itself.

Here are a couple new coasters. They are just a little bit of a different color scheme than the other ones and I've added little tiny yoyos--aren't they cute?!! I call them "Polka Dot Penny" and "Rosebud". Someone from Australia has shown an interest in them both--but so far she hasn't actually bought them--so they are still there. First come, first serve!! lol

Oh, and I wanted to share this fun feedback I got yesterday! I have the best customer and online friends!! This was from KJ --she bought one of these shabby chic coasters :

"YES! A thousand times, YES! I received my Mrs. Kwitty Pretty today! Oh, my... This pink floral coaster truly is more charming than the photo could ever do it justice! I love it, love it, love it! And, before my mail even came, I was online this morning looking for the Flora coaster. When it wasn't available, Mrs. Kwitty just whipped one up for me! Voila! And, the packaging is so very pretty with personal stamped touches and a lovely matching clothespin magnet inside! Can you feel my happiness?"

Thanks so much KJ--it's customers and people like you that really make life happy!!

My hub works a 4 day week--four 10 hour or more days--so he has Friday's off. All the other weekday mornings I get up at 5:30 or 6:00 and have coffee and visit with him and send him off to work. Then I have the quiet house all to myself for a few hours until the kids wake up (they are teeny boppers you know, so they sleep in!) so I can blog and craft and post things, etc. But not Fridays! lol Hub likes to make noise! He wakes everyone up, and is so happy to have the work week behind him. It really is a joy. He is in the shower right now so I figure I'd better write up my blog post NOW, lol. He's going to take Joe to the cabin with him, Linds is there right now with her cousin's family. Sadly, Misty's leg is still not well enough and we don't think she could manage the rooty terrain at the cabin--so I will stay home with her today. I feel bad for her, she is really getting bored and bummed at being so cooped up. I think I'll take her out to lunch today.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Etc. and so forth

I finished up a few new coasters last night as we watched "America's Got Talent" . There are 2 more of the Shabby Chic roses ones (I added a felt backing to these so I have to retake the pics before I can post them)--blogfriends get first dibs--if you want one, let me know before I list it and I'll save it for you. I listed this pink terrycloth one yesterday --I really love the buttons--such a nice vintagey addition to the look!
And this morning I listed this one--Flora's in the Pink. They are both in my Etsy shop--swing on by if you're interested.

So Jenn, in answer to your question about what to do with the unspooled ribbon--here's what I do. I will usually save the empty spools and put the longer pieces of loose ribbon on them. For the rest, I wind them on cardboard--in color sets, like this:And these cardboard pieces get put on end in a plastic box. Then there are the little bits of ribbon, usually under 6", and they just get tossed into a big ziplock which I hang from a nail in the rafters right above my head! lol Easy for grabbing to find that little bit of ribbon for a hang tag or collage or whatever. It's all very high tech *grin*.

Here's another one of my favorite organization tools--those old jewelry boxes. I cannot pass them up at thrift shops! Nice little compartments, they are lined in pretty colored satin, and they usually have a nice little drawer on the bottom (don't you just LOVE things with drawers?) Then they fold down so nice and look really cute sitting on your shelf!! I have this nice medium sized one that I keep all my little flowers, charms, paper bits, ephemera, pins, etc. in :
I have another one--a much larger one (in fact, it is the biggest one I've ever seen! I found it at an estate sale and it was $10--which is much more than I would usually spend on one--but I had to have it!) and that one is home to all my stamp pads and misc. larger stamps that don't fit in my silverware sorter.

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