Monday, April 19, 2010

An Etsyversary Giveaway!!!

Hello friends!   Guess who's 4th Etsyversary it is?  Hmmmm?  Hmmmm?  How did you guess it was me?  YOU are such an amazing guesser!  I am amazed by your guessing abilities, it's incredible.  Really.  *goofy grin*

In honor of this prestigious occassion, and to make up for the fact that I have been neglecting my poor little blog so badly the last few months, I've decided to have a GIVEAWAY!  So, the last couple days I have been working on some special prizes to offer you, my bored and faithful readers, and customers, and friends, and future friends!

I went through my stash of beautiful vintage hankies and found the perfect one to use for this special project....first thing made was this pretty little keychain/card wallet!  Don't leave home ever again without your drivers license, debit card, and keys.
Then I made up this matching tissue keeper...because a lady should always have a tissue handy ya know!  For the snots.

Next up, I had to include a few paper items, just cuz' they are so fun to make!  Sweet little tags in bright colors.  Pretty little handmade tags make your gifts extra special you know.  :o)
And, last but NOT least....a few of my signature little birdy tags!!  But of course.  I hope you are not tired of seeing all these birds, because I am SO not tired of making them.  LOL!  I can't help myself, they just make me happy!
So, there you have it!  The Mrs. Kwitty's 4th  Etsyversary, Vintagey, Cottagey, Flowery, Birdy, Papery Giveaway.  The winner will get all this junk, errrr.....stuff, errrr  ....goodies!

**You don't have to check out my shop....unless you WANT to (it WOULD make me happy if some of you would stop by and see what's been going on there)
**You don't have to Twitter it.....unless you WANT to  (I love it when people tweet me!)
**You don't have to friend me on my Facebook Fan page....unless you WANT to  (even though I only have 28 fans so far and it would really make my day.....)

**TO ENTER, JUST LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND SOME WAY TO GET AHOLD OF YOU IF YOU WIN!  That's it.  Easy. Peasy.  I just love you guys and want to have a little fun!

I'll have the drawing open for a couple weeks, just because I hate when I find out late that one of my fav blogs had a drawing and I missed it!  Sooo....on Monday,  May 3rd, I will do the drawing!  Okey doke? 

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lookee What I Won!

I entered a drawing in this scrummy shop, SimpleTraditions, and was lucky enough to win a package of  Leah's lovely lip balms!!  Let me tell you, the quality and smoothness of the balms is really great, I'm tickled pink--and they came packaged so nicely in a sweet little muslin bag with her shop logo stamped on, very classy!  I'm a happy lady :o)

She has lots of yummy flavors, with more to come, she says.  I got Toasted Coconut (my fav), Cherry Vanilla, Pistachio Ice Cream, and Butter Creme.  Can you say MMMMMMM!

Thank you Leah, I really have enjoyed my gift!

OH!  and speaking of giveaways....please pop back in the next couple days--my Etsyversary is coming up on the 17th  (sheesh, I guess that's tomorrow!) and I'm planning a little somethin/somethin to celebrate!! 
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