Monday, December 07, 2009


I am so sad to say that my dear, sweet, funny brother Paul lost his battle with cancer on Friday afternoon.  He fought so bravely and I will forever admire him and love him.  God bless you Paul.  Rest in Peace.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Wish List Giveaway

Ran across this giveaway on my travels this morning and just had to get my name in the hat!!  Wow!  Be sure to check it out for yourself!

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme

TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year?
to have Paul with us at Christmas, struts for my car (exciting, I know! lol) , spiral binder machine(for making books), book on digital collage, the movie "UP"

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?
a beautiful quilt from my Mom

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?
an embellished scrapbook/photoalbum

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?
a sewing machine when I was 12

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year?
iPod, Ugg boots, PS3 game, Denfeld (school)  hoodie, new comforter

6. What is your favorite holiday food?
mashed potatoes with ham gravy

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?
gift tags, ornaments, comforters, day planners

8. What is your favorite holiday movie?
It's a Wonderful Life

9. Favorite holiday song?
Silent Night

10. Favorite holiday pastime?
time with family, baking

Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting in the Spirit

So, how's everyone coming along with their Holiday crafting???  I'm still not quite up to par with things, but I can do a little each day, and that makes me happy!  Here's a little peek at what I've done this week.

Postcards from the Past~  I found these darling vintage-style Christmas postage stamps and decided to make some gift tags that loosely resemble old fashioned postcards!

Touches of Toile Bird Tag set ~  I think these look so cute on a package!

Love Bird Drawstring Bag ~ It's been a while since I made a bag...they are fun to make and, of course, I had to include one of my little feathered friends :o)

Toile Stocking Ornament ~  I decoupaged some of that lovely toile paper onto a little wooden stocking and gussied it all up with some vintage elements.  Great as a gift topper too--it's like 2 gifts in 1!

Well, that's it for me for today--I'd love to see what you are making...leave me a link and I'll check it out ♥♥

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I do offer items in my shop that come from a smoke-free studio.............

But I can't guarantee that you won't find the occasional kitty hair in there!  LOL  This is where Daisy likes to sit when I sew ( my little pal )!

(of course, I check my products over very strictly for pet hair...just having a little fun!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Over & Done --Thank you

Well, the benefit for my brother Paul is was quite an experience, and it turned out wonderfully, and I'm so glad it's over!  LOL  I was overwhelmed by the sweetness, generosity, and willingness to "pitch in" that we ran across while planning for and having the benefit, it really gives you a renewed sense that there are really a lot of really wonderful people in this world! ....REALLY!  (sorry, just having a little fun with words ;oP)

I'd like to thank my beautiful cousins Vicki, Becky, Michelle, and Linda for all that they did.  I could never thank them enough for what they did, it was a thing of beauty and love and I love them forever for it.

 Left to Right:  Karen, Vicki, Linda, Michelle, Becky

I also received so many gifts and donations from my online family was amazed by how many "strangers" helped out (of course, I know that online friends are NOT really strangers, they are just friends that you haven't seen yet!)  lol  I would like to thank all of you who helped by sending something and/or shared your stories and prayers with us.  It warms my heart REALLY!  I'd like to send special thanks to the EtsyTwitter team, there was a lot of love that came from the gals in that group and I REALLY appreciate it! 

Oh, and a HUGE thank you to Brenda Fisher and The GATINAS!!!! 

Here are some of the people who helped out--please go and visit their shops and give them some love, they are wonderful people who make wonderful things!!
Cedar Junction
Pieceful Bits
Handmade by Sandi
Cape Cod Jewelry
Firebird House
Foxy G Knits
Blue Cole
Holly So Lightly
High Desert Rose
Casual Cottage
Beans Things
Shes Sew Pretty
Threepeats Jewelry
Rick Rack Queen
Books Around the Clock
Starbaby Online
Bertrams Bowdoir
ReBop Shop

I hope I didn't forget anyone!  If I accidently left you off the list, please contact me so I can get you on here!

Heartfelt thanks to all who helped or prayed or were one of the over 300 people who came to enjoy and support!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥♥♥

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Benefit For Brother Paul

Hello friends!  I know I've been AWOL for a while....sorry about that!!  It certainly doesn't mean that I don't love you any more!   

I don't know if you all remember my talking about my brother, Paul or not, but he is my youngest brother (only 43), the husband of Sue for 20 years and the father of 3 girls who still live at home (ages 21, 17, and 7) plus Grandpa to a 4 year old grandson who lives with them. (Sue is gonna be mad at me for posting this pic of her, but it's the only one I could find right now! )  This was taken shortly after Paul's diagnoses and you can really see the worry in Sue's face. 

Paul was diagnosed with Melanoma (stage 4) in August of 2008.  He's been through surgery to remove lymph nodes and been through radiation and ongoing chemo treatments--regular and some experimental.  He has been unable to work due to the rigorous treatments and the inability to use his arm due to the surgery.  He is a tough fighter though and is still kickin!  They are in financial trouble though, and the burden of that is really wearing them down.  HERE is another blog post I did about this a little while back.

With the help of some of my very lovely and loving cousins, (Vicki, Becky, and Linda)  we have been in the throes of planning this benefit dinner for my brother Paul .  There is a lot to learn when you dive into something like this, and there is a lot of planning and begging involved! LOL  Sooooo....(here comes some begging right now......)  I am here to ask if any of you would be able to help out by sending us a donation we can use as a prize during the benefit??

It looks like we are going to have around 200 people there and we are going to make sure that each and every donor gets the proper credit for their donation, so on top of being a very nice thing to do for a very good man, you can get some good business recognition too!  Yeah, win/win! 

I am also going to put a donation button on my sidebar for anyone who would wish to make a cash donation, just as soon as I figure out how to do it (this is my goal for the day!) lol

I would appreciate all your help in spreading the word in anyway you can!

(1) I have a Facebook page right HERE    You can become a friend of mine and click the SHARE link of the posting I did about this benefit that is there on my wall .

(2)  You could link to this posting on your blog--or do a little blog post yourself!

(3)  Twitter!

If you want to send us a prize donation, please email me at kmwittkop [at] msn [dot] com  or Etsy convo me HERE .

Thanks so much!!!  I am going to go and see if I can figure out the Donate Button now....wish me luck! 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Inspired Challenge and Cabin pics

Hello friends! I have some fun going on with my Etsy shop this week. There is a group of gals who do what they call "Etsy Inspired Challenges" --this is where they choose an Etsy shop of the week and then all the members of the group ---AND ANYONE else who wants to play along----go visit that shop, get inspired by their style, and then make something based on that inspiration. How fun is that?!

I am lucky enough to be this weeks inpiration shop! It's been a lot of fun peeking in to see what they are being inspired by and what they come up with for their projects! Head on over to the
Heart Hug Designs blog and check it out. Hey, why not join in...they welcome others too...and there are PRIZES! I've donated that sweet little memo book and paper clip set that you see above...and then they also have a sponsor who donated a prize. Why not give it a shot?!


I'm back from the was a really great vacation and some much needed rest was had :o)I had some good time to think about the things that I needed to think about................

(see, I told you the fish better watch out! lol In case anyone is wondering, we usually catch and release)

(Linds is not a morning person! LOL)

..................and eat good food, and visit with friends and family,

The "boppers" hanging out in the morning.

(my niece and great nephew playing some sticky ball)

Yes, that's my son Joe, sporting some hair and facial hair...he's done with ROTC! lol That pretty gal with him is his girlfriend.

............and roast marshmallows over the campfire, and feed the ducks,

..............or sit on the floaty dock dangling my feet in the water, looking at pretty rainbows it's back to the real world. We've been working on getting some benefits together for Paul here in town and I'm still working on doing something online, don't have all the details worked out yet and this will be a real test of my computering skills! LOL I'll be getting back to you real soon on that. In the meanwhile, have a beautiful day and go hug everyone that you just never know what tomorrow will bring :o)

xoxo Karen

Friday, August 14, 2009

This and That

(Isn't this picture priceless?? I would love to give credit to the photographer and the subject, but I got it in an email and there was no information--if you happen to know, please let me know so proper credit can be made.)

It's my birthday on Tuesday and we always spend my birthday week up at the cabin. Yeah!! I am SOOOOOO ready for some fun and relaxation. My brother's and their families and some of Mark's family will be joining us up there on and off and I'm hoping that a few of my cousins will come too--should be fun!

I am actually going to shut down my Etsy shop while I'm gone....yes, a big step for me, LOL! This will be the first time in over 3 years that it'll be closed. I really need to have some time to not worry about it and just apply my thoughts to some other areas! You guys won't forget about me.....right? :o]

The fish better look out!

The Great White Fisherman
(the view off the dock....Mark and his nice Bass)

What a year it's been. Last year on my birthday my brother, Paul, informed me that he had cancer and he had his first surgery. AND my Grandpa died. You could say, not a good Birthday at all. Hoping this one will be better, for sure!

I want to thank you all for the lovely comments, ideas, and prayers about Paul and doing a are all so sweet and thoughtful and generous that you actually made me cry...several times! :o} I'm going to give this all some thought over my vacation and come up with a game plan. I'll let you all know when we get back. Thank you again---big hugs!

Remember the giveaway I did a little while ago....well, both of the winners did up blog posts---stop by and say HI!

Lenore of A Vintage Obsession

Lisa of A Groggy Froggy

Thanks for the bloggy love, gals!! I'm glad that you liked your prizes :o)

OK...I'm off to make some whipped jello, cake, noodle salad, egg salad, fruit salad, ............. see you next week!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking For Ideas!

Hi friends :o)

Some of you may remember me telling you about this.... my brother, Paul, has later stage cancer (melanoma) and has been in a brave battle with it for almost a year now. He has been through every chemo treatment you can think of, radiation treatment, and is working his way through a few of the experimental treatments too. He's hanging in there, though a LOT thinner and minus some hair--worse for the wear and tear--but not ready to give up the fight!!!!

The big problem he is facing now is financial. Paul is a laborer...he worked for a mobile home company and did set-ups and repairs, siding, know, physical things. He has been unable to work since this started (it started with surgery to remove some lymph nodes under his arms). They had some money in savings and sold some things to help make ends meet and have the belt tightened as tight as it can get. They are running on fumes right now.

Soooo, we (some of his relatives) have decided to do some fundraising for them...what I wanted to ask you guys for is some IDEAS and things you have seen others do that have been successful. I know there are a lot of creative minds out there!!!!

We are going to have a big rummage sale at a local community center to start with...get donations of items from friends and family. That should provide them with some quick cash to pay their mortgage and insurances.

Then we are thinking of doing the traditional Spaghetti dinner, auction, and raffles and such. Here's where we could use some creative suggestions!

Also, I was thinking of maybe doing some sort of online fundraiser. Who has seen anything like this was it done...what are people's general opinion of things like that??

I sure appreciate any help you can give!!

xoxo Karen

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pretty in Dots!

What's new?? So, my friend Teresa from CedarJunction emailed me today and gave me the "hint" that I could add a background to my blog easily with HotbliggetyBLOG---yes Teresa, I HAD noticed that I was the last blogger on the planet who still had a boring white background on my blog!! LOL If I had known how easy it was going to be to install, I would have done it a long time agon. Thanks for the kick in the pants, I am now sporting some pretty new polka dots---what do you all think?

I've been happy to get back to the studio and finished up some collages that have been in the works for a while now....of course they have BIRDS in them (are you shocked?) *wink* I tried a new thing on these three by using different paper for the matting, I think it really adds a nice punch of color and a nice dimension to the collages!

BlueJay and Butterfly

Pretty Robin Redbreast

Robin in the Garden

The beautiful bird images I used in these collages were purchased from Scraps of Time -- stop by and check out her shop, great stuff!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A New Treasure!

Went out treasure hunting yesterday morning (seems like there is not enough of this going on this year, between my aching joints and the crappy weather we are having this summer!) Anyways, I better not start the whining, LOL!! I was so excited to find this beautiful picture in the pretty shabby chic frame! Isn't it gorgeous? I've never seen this particular picture of the Holy Family before, and it is so endearing. Love the colors too.

Now, I have a couple questions for you you think I should fix up the frame (aka give it a paint job) or leave it as is? AND It has that water stain up at the top (which actually shows up really well in the picture, but when you are looking at it in person, it's really not that noticeable) and I'm wondering if anyone has a method of making those lighter that will not ruin the paper??

Sheesh, sadly the only place I have to hang this pretty picture is on the last wall on the main floor with the ugly panelling!! Believe it or not, about 1/2 the main floor was panelled with this ugly white panelling and we are slowly but surely getting rid of it! I think that a living room redo is in the works for this coming winter and then it will be gone! Yeah!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

And the winner is.....

" Mommmmy.....isn't this the night you were going to do the drawing for the Page Percher?"
"Why yes it is, my little fur baby--thanks for reminding me!"

"Now...who will help me?? Wait, need to argue my two Sweeties, I think we will just go ahead and draw 2 names tonight!! So each of you reach on in and draw a name."

(it is really not that hard to please these two!! *giggle* )

"Who did you pick, Mark??" LENORE from A Vintage Obsession!!

"And, who did you pick Linds??" LISA from Groggy Froggy!!

Congrats to both of you!! Thanks to all who played along...I always enjoy doing these !

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just for the Heck of It Giveaway

Hello to all my favorite internet friends! I just did up a batch of these Page Percher bookmarks and decided that I should give one away--just for the heck of it!! You are all so dang nice to me that I would like to do at least a little something to show my appreciation ♥♥

You don't have to do anything fancy or complicated--just leave me a comment here and I will throw your name in the hat. I'll draw a name in a week--so next Thursday evening I'll pick a winner. Okey doke?

One more thing....The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Go Green event going on--great tips, products, scavenger hunt, and great prizes! Check it out HERE, HERE, and HERE!


Oh, and feel like having a laugh? Of course you do! Check out Moggit--it's a riot!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Featured Artist!!

I have some excitement this week--I am the Featured Artist on the
Stop by and check it out and give the article a thumbs up (or down)! You have to register to leave a comment, but it's very simple, just name and password. Thanks to all who left their comments, I really appreciate that!! ♥♥♥
They ran a really nice article and I am grateful--so thank you to Angelica who contacted me about it and then wrote the article.
Smiles, Karen

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cool Paper Storage Idea!

I have something new in my studio.....

I ran across this vintage metal ALBUM rack (for you youngsters, go ask your parents what an album is! lol It's kinda like a giant CD!) It is is beautiful shape and I love the lines of it....and it dawned on me that it just might work down in my craftroom! I have been struggling to find a the perfect way to store my big papers so that I can see them and they are readily available for use.....So........

I just LOVE how my big 12" x 12" paper pads fit into the album slots! I have the pads set on edge so I can just thumb through them to find the papers I want or to inspire me on my next project.

Plus, now I have some additional shelves on my work table to hold lots of other supplies! I love it...I get to re-use an otherwise rather obsolete piece of furniture and get some excellent new storage out of it!

So, go out and rescue an old piece of furniture today and see what excellent new uses you can get out of it! I'd love to see what you have done, so if you have a cool find or re-do of an old furniture piece, link me up in the comments here, I'd love to see them!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorful Cottage Goods

Caught a Treasury West last night, right as I was about to log out and go to bed! Stayed up way past my bedtime, because I didn't even have a theme in mind, lol--but it turned out pretty dang gorgeous anyway
The link is here: But if it expires, here are the talented crafters links for ya!

1) Butterfly Note Cards by CatnipStudioToo
2) Sweet Pink Roses Cottage Pillows by catnapcottage
3) Not Your Ordinary Baby Quilt by SFOQuilter
4) Oilcloth Sandwich/Snack Bags by RickRackQueen
5) Altered Perfume Jar by thisgoodday
6) Vintage Ceiling Tin Heart by CottageintheSun
7) Dreaming of Paris Altered Art Journal by dishyvintage
8) Cuddly Kittens Apron by onlyu
9) Vintage Kitchen Napkin Cuffs by sosorosey
10) Friend Ornament by tiedupmemories
11) Crochet Applique Set by AnnieDesign
12) Polka Dot Pears by SugarAndSpice

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Color ME Beautiful!!

Just found out today that my "Meandering Birdy" bag made it into the "Color you Beautiful" voting contest on ETSY! Lots of gorgeous and colorful items there---stop by and see, be sure to vote for your favorite, and wish me luck!! :o)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I know I've been pretty scarce around here and I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know a little bit of what's going on--I've gotten quite a few emails asking if everything is all right (you bunch of sweeties!) and just thought I'd say a few words.

I've been having some health problems over the last several years that have to do with joint pain and swelling--I've been tested for everything but they really can't pinpoint just what is going on. Well, recently (the last 4 months) it has basically gone into overdrive! My knees are swollen up like cantelopes and I can't bend them, my hips hurt like hell, it's in my neck (can't hardly turn my head or bend it up and down), it's starting to work it's way down my shoulders now (yeah!) and it's in my right jaw (hurts to chew and my teeth don't fit together right because of swelling).

The docs did a bunch of tests and one of them measures your body's inflammation--the usual test result on that one tops out at 20, mine was at 54. They retook the test 2 weeks later and it was at 82. This lit a fire under my doctor and she scheduled me for surgery (the next day!) to biopsy a piece (approx. 1") of vein from both temples to make sure that my veins arent' inflamed too. Happily, the veins are fine. Whew. They have determined that I have an auto-immune disease.

Anyways, they just started me on a medication that should bring down the inflammation, but it has some really scary possible side effects! AND it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to work! Arghhh! I took the first dose on Wednesday--it wasn't too bad, made me sick to my stomach, dizzy, and tired, but didn't do a thing for the joints and pain (yet).

I'm hanging in there, though, feeling positive about the outcome, and am looking forward to getting back to my crafting and computering and such. I'd appreciate a prayer or healing thought for this medication to do it's thing and get me back up and running!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lucky, Lucky Me!

Wand by Ann Denise of Whimfancydesigns

Oh, you are all going to be so jealous!

StarryDeb went to the ZNE convention and met some wonderful, creative people there...and then convinced some of them to give up the goodies for a blog giveaway.

Crepe paper and other goodies---read the names on the packages and then go visit them!!! Great shops!

Guess who won it? !!

Beautiful TussieMussie and matching tag from ivacreations

It's all so wonderful! I'm thrilled with every little thing...thank you so much to all the contributors and a special "Thank You" to Starry Deb--she is the greatest!

Oh, and one more thing.....The Olde World Shoppes blog was sweet enough to include my aqua roses sachets in their latest blog post--stop by and visit, and check out the other lovely ROSE items that are featured there, it's a treat, I promise!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Animoto Video

These are so fun to make...head on over and do one yourself and leave me a link here in the comments so I can check it out!

(You'll have to scroll down the side bar a bit to pause my music player so you can hear the music in the video.)

Friday, May 29, 2009

And the Winners are....

Yeah! Through some highly complicated and technical procedures involving bits of paper and blindfolded eyes...We've chosen the winners of the Glazing Review Giveaway. Drumroll please....

Winner #1 is Blondie~Vintage Primitives

Winner #2 is Kathy ~ Catnip Studios

Winner #3 is Pinky

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all of you who take the time to stop by and leave comments--I just love reading your comments! They make me happy :o)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Parade

Happy Memorial day everyone. Big thanks to all those who are currently in the military, were in the military in the past, and especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We really appreciate you. God Bless.

As usual, we went to the Memorial Day parade today. It is always yucky out for this parade, don't know why, but it is! This was actually a little better than usual in the fact it didn't rain or sleet on us this year ( whew!) but it was still cold and windy and overcast. This is the view of all the half frozen people lined up across the street from where we were sitting. It looked to me like the epitome of one of our Memorial Day parades (don't forget your blanket!).

Both the kids were in the parade againt this year...Joe with his ROTC group and Linds with the Danceline.

Suprisingly, Linds finished getting ready for the parade first and was able to spend a little quality time with Daisy before she left.
Joe was close behind...but he had an excuse, he had to press those dress blues and shine up those shoes!

He's looking handsome as they march along...he's holding the blue ROTC flag. comes the girls! Sadly, most of my pics turned out too blurry. except this lovely shot! (yes, that is called sarcasm!) ...Linds is the one on the far side with her face half covered with a pom pom! LOL

A good day, we all came home full of fresh air and exercise...grilled up some steaks to go with our nice big salad and enjoyed our family--all thanks to those wonderful men and women who fight for our freedom.

Oh, don't forget to sign up for the giveaway in the post below this one :o) Drawing to be held on Friday. (May 29)
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