Thursday, March 31, 2011

....and the Winner Is.....

Time to announce the winner of my drawing for the Pretty Points bag.....
***drumroll please***

We had 38 entries, but the Sweet Junie Moon just wanted to celebrate my hair, and not be included in the drawing.  The lucky number is # 14 ...which means..... Mimi's darlins is the winner!! 

"mimi'sdarlins said...
Oh, this little bag is just so sweet, you always make the most charming things....and it looks like it belongs in my sewing room! These are the kinds of things I love to collect.
I'm so happy that you're getting your eyebrows and lashes back... and your beautiful hair.
You can reach me by Flickr mail, of course :-)"

So, I'm off to Flickr to let her know! 

Many thanks to all who entered and those who left their sweet, funny, encouraging messages, I appreciate them all!!

Oh, p.s.  I made up an extra bag that is listed in my shop, in case you really wanted one!  :o)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go Fly A Kite!

Found these fellas sitting down on my workbench this morning just waiting for me to find them something to do!!......

What?? by misseskwittys
What??, a photo by misseskwittys on Flickr.

I told them to  Go Fly a Kite!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Eyes on You

Have you ever been working on your crafts and then suddenly felt like someone was looking at you??

Lol.  A little fun down in the studio!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty Points Bag Giveaway Reminder

Pretty Points Bag by misseskwittys
Pretty Points Bag a photo by misseskwittys on Flickr.
Just a reminder that the GIVEAWAY for this bag is still going on....sign up on the posting HERE.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Easter is Coming!

 Hello friends :o)   I'm excited to share with you today some news from one of the wonderful Etsy street teams I'm involved in!  It's called Old Farmhouse Gathering.  The talented ladies in this group specialize in the warm and wonderful styles of primitive, country, cottage, and shabby chic.  Such a varied assortment of artists:  doll makers, painters, tole worker, stitchers, mixed media, you name...we got it!

WELL, the OFG is having a Spring/Easter Celebration!!  All of us have made fresh items especially for this celebration and they started listing them today.  It will run from March 11th to March 25.

 If you go to Etsy and type SECOFG in the search bar, you can see what we've all come up with!  You're gonna be happy you did :oD

Here are some of the items I have listed for the celebration!

This is Polly and her little Peeps in a Pink Pot.  Yeah, having a little fun with the "P's"!  lol

I had this fabulous Easter image and decided to collage it onto a wooden plaque.  The image looks German to me, so I tore bits from a very old German hymnal and decoupaged them around the image and the edges of the plaque for a free-hand frame of sorts.  I added a fan-fold badge up top with some grungy rick rack and lace and a pretty old rhinestone button.

I made a new Birds on a String Banner with some beautiful Botanical cardstock--one even has a pretty butterfly!  These birds are a bit larger than the gift tag ones.

This is BlueBell Bunny--love her colors!!  She is just a little stuffy that I made from one of my original designs--and I've added a ribbon to her for hanging.  She likes to hang around for Easter!  :oD

Last,  but not least, is a set of pretty lilac colored glittery dot gift tags.  The soft green wings say Happy Easter!  How cute to hang on an Easter basket or gift! 

I hope you will stop by Etsy and see all the other wonderful things the OFG is doing.  Hugs!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pretty Points Bag Giveaway!!

Pretty Points Bag by misseskwittys
Pretty Points Bag a photo by misseskwittys on Flickr.
In honor (and excitement) of my eyebrows and eyelashes growing back in, I've decided it's high time to do another blog giveaway!! Yippee!

It's a real treat to see those brown hairs popping up, it's really not that attractive being bald but you can wear a pretty hat--- but when the brows and lashes go there isn't any hiding THAT...ugh! LOL, Hello Uncle Fester! honor of my pretty new hairs coming in, I've made a pretty new bag!

I salvaged the lovely embroidered points from an old hand-stitched tablecloth that had seen  better days.. Paired it up with a sweet  floral print for some elegant and cottage-style drawstring bags. Isn't it great when you can make something new from something that may have been thrown away?!

I like to keep it all you have to do to enter is leave a comment here,

and if your name doesn't link to your blog, I'm going to have to have some way to get ahold of you if you win.

I'll hold the drawing on March 31st.

Good luck and my sincere thanks to all who stop by and visit here, I love reading your comments and visiting your blogs ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Surprise from Mom

My sweet Mom passed away back in 2004 (and I miss her so much!) but the other day I got a surprise from her!  How cool is that? 

She left me a couple of boxes of dishes, I was told that they were the dishes she and my Dad got as wedding gifts and she had saved them for me all these years.  My step-dad brought them over after she passed away.  I never opened them up.   I just had a funny feeling they weren't the right dishes and knew it would really bum me out if I found out I was right. 

Well, the other day Mark broke our platter and had the idea that he would check in those boxes to see if there was a platter in there.  Sadly, I was right.  They weren't the old dishes, but the everyday ones they used in their home.  It's a funny thing, but I was so touched by those.  She was a fabulous cook and so much of her life was lived in her kitchen--and it brought back memories of all the fun and wonderful meals we had with them when we would go for visits. 

While digging around looking for a platter, Mark stuck his hand all the way down to the bottom of the box and said "what the heck?" and pulled out a fistful of crochet hooks!    Then he stuck his hand in again and pulled out some more!  ...and again!  ....and again!!  LOL  totally cracked me up.  If my Mom wasn't cooking something, there was a good chance she was crocheting something!   AND she was a crafty-hoarder (it's where I get it! lol).   Finding  all those hooks really took the sting away from the fact that I don't, after all, have those old dishes and probably won't ever know what happened to them.  Thanks for the smile Mom..and the memories♥♥♥  You always could make me laugh!

I was inspired to make up a couple of crochet hook rolls for my Etsy shop, and I've included 7 of  Mom's hooks in each one (of course I've saved a couple sets for myself!).  What the heck, she would be tickled pink that I made them a roll to go in and  that I passed them along!

Crochet Hook Roll
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