Friday, January 30, 2009

Repression is Bad for you.

I got this in an email yesterday....cracked me up! NOW, I am totally not saying anything bad about women, I am one myself you know-- *grin* --it just struck me funny!

One day long, long ago.....

there lived a woman who did not whine, nag, or bitch......

BUT, that was long, long ago and it was only that one day.

The end.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CPSIA-- Protecting Who?

I would like to alert you to an article I recently read regarding the CPSIA, I don't think that all the ramifications of this quickly passed legislation were thought out and it will really create a huge mess if something isn't done about it--quickly! I'm sorry for the length of this article, but there are alot of good points made that I think really need to be brought to your attention.

Do you know about the CPSIA? No? Then I ask you to take a few minutes to find out about it.

The CPSIA stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new set of laws that will come into effect on 10 February, 2009 and will impact many, many people in a negative way. Make no mistake, this is very real. View it for yourself. If Forbes, the American Library Association and numerous other media are paying attention, perhaps you should too.

How will these new laws affect you? Well, here are a few examples:

To the Parents of Young Students:
Due to the new law, expect to see the cost of school supplies sky rocket. While those paper clips weren't originally intended for your student to use, they will need to be tested now that your 11-year-old needs them for his school project. This law applies to any and all school supplies (textbooks, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.) being used by children under 12.

To the Avid Reader:
Due to the new law, all children's books will be pulled from library and school shelves, as there is no exemption for them. That’s okay though, there's always television. Our children don’t need to learn the love of reading after all.
Article from the American Library Association

To the Lover of All Things Handmade:
Due to the new law, you will now be given a cotton ball and an instruction manual so you can make it yourself since that blanket you originally had your eye on for $50 will now cost you around $1,000 after it's passed testing. It won't even be the one-of-a-kind blanket you were hoping for. Items are destroyed in the testing process making one-of-a-kind items virtually impossible. So that gorgeous hand-knit hat you bought your child this past winter won’t be available next winter.

To the Environmentalist:
Due to the new law, all items in non-compliance will now be dumped into our already overflowing landfills. Imagine not just products from the small business owners, but the Big Box Stores as well. You can't sell it so you must toss it. Or be potentially sued for selling it. You can't even give them away. If you are caught, it is still a violation.

To the Second-Hand Shopper:
Due to the new law, you will now need to spend $20 for that brand new pair of jeans for your 2-year old, rather than shop at the Goodwill for second hand. Many resale shops are eliminating children's items all together to avoid future lawsuits.

To the Entrepreneur:
Due to this new law, you will be forced to adhere to strict testing of your unique products or discontinue to make and/or sell them. Small businesses will be likely to be unable to afford the cost of testing and be forced to close up shop. Due to the current economic state, you'll have to hope for the best when it comes to finding a new job in Corporate America.

To the Antique Toy Collector:
Due to the new law, you'd better start buying now because it's all going to private collection and will no longer be available to purchase. “Because the new rules apply retroactively, toys and clothes already on the shelf will have to be thrown out if they aren't certified as safe.”

To the American Economy:
Already struggling under an economy that hasn’t been this weak in decades, the American economy will be hit harder with the inevitable loss of jobs and revenues from suppliers, small businesses and consumers. The required testing is far too costly and restrictive for small businesses or individuals to undertake.

To the Worldwide Economy:
Due to this new law, many foreign manufacturers have already pulled out of the US market. You can imagine the impact of this on their businesses.

If you think this is exaggerating, here is a recent article from Forbes

Check this SaveHandmade blog for many topical links and resources.

And for those of you prepared to be stupefied and boggled, The New Law

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet Old Love

I was surprised by getting a treasury right before I logged off last night--so I did one in a Valentines theme, call "Sweet Old Love". Full of sweet vintagey goodness ♥♥ I can't seem to get one of those screen shots so I'll just share it with you here in Etsy mini form...which is nice because then you can click and go to any one of these lovely items directly!

Have a lovely day and go hug all your sweethearts!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Birds and Lovebirds at the Ball

Last night my baby boy (yes, my 17 yo baby boy) (and yes, he loves it when I call him that!)went to his ROTC unit's version of the senior prom--the Military Ball. I don't know if I shared this with you yet or not, but Joe has a girlfriend! She's also in the ROTC with him and they got dressed up all snazzy and headed off to the ball.
Oh, my Motherly heart was filled to overflowing, as were my Motherly eyes! lol It's such a hard thing to explain, that feeling you get when you see your baby boy all dressed up in his dress blues, with medals jangling, putting his arm around a lovely young lady who is looking up into his eyes and laughing with such a tender look in her eye. Sigh.
In honor of this wonderful occassion, I have made a couple of new Love bird ornaments--one in yellow
and one in blue!

I'm so sorry I've been so scarce of late...I just am getting over the most nasty bit of flu that has left me with not nearly enough energy or ambition to get all the things done that I would like! I think I am on the mend now, not really sick any more except for some lingering head coldedness and cough--thank God! Yucky.

Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm not fat.....

LOL--got this in an email today...and here I've been thinking I'm just getting fat in my old age!'s good for the soul and gives you those pretty crinkles on the sides of your eyes when you get older!
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