Thursday, May 18, 2006

Going to the Cabin

Here's a pic of the hub and son and nephew heading out fishing from the side dock at out cabin.
YEAH!! It's finally here....GIRL's weekend!!!! Back around 10 years ago, when our children were babies and toddlers, my sisters-in-law, friends, and I decided that we needed to get away from the house for a weekend! The guys always got the whole week of opener (fishing) off to go off and go camping...we deserve a little time too! So we informed the guys that we were heading to the cabin for 3 whole days! They would be staying home with the kids. Well, it is now a tradition. We have such fun. We even have a rule that the food has to be prepared before we go so all we have to do is eat cooking unless you can put it on a stick and cook it over the fire. Three days, no kids, men, cooking, bras, phones, or anything else that may be irritating! LOL So I'll be thinking about you as I sit around the campfire, sucking on a cold beer, and getting up to dance under the stars to "Love Shack" baby!! See you Monday!

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