Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Whitework Bird Pillow

Isn't this a charming little bird? I found this embroidery pattern in a packet of patterns at an estate sale...Score! I embroidered it in an off white floss on a lovely vintage with a variegated greens crochet trim. I then stitched the hanky onto a lovely striped fabric and made it into a pillow. I added a nice cotton moss fringe all around the edge. There is a button closure on the back of the pillow so the pillow insert can be removed before washing. It was challenging to embroider due to the delicate fabric of the hanky, I had to be very careful with my stitch tension, hooping and unhooping it, and I even had to use a very fine needle....but the end product was worth all the work, I think. I just finished putting this pillow up for sale in my Etsy shop: Feel free to pop in there and have a look at this and all my other products! If fact, look around at all the great things there, you will be glad you did! I can't get enough of that place, there are so many talented people who have shops there...and the whole site is set up so neat , it is fun to just go hop around there. I hope you take my advice and stop in for a visit! Bye for now....


Debra said...

Ms. Kwitty,

I found your blog (actually the aol one) listed on BlogHer hobbies. (I'm one of your editors).

To answer a simple question (yes, you asked on AO Hell.. but I'm not a member so can't comment there).

To embed a link (make the text change color and when you click a new page occurs):

When you are writing a post up in the editing portion (where it shows italics, and bold, etc.) you will see a chain link. Highlight the words that you want to use to create a link (say for example your Etsy shop), then click on that chain link icon. A small box will pop-up with the http:// in it. Simple paste the link you want into that box and click OK.

Voila! an embedded link created.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Debra! That doesn't sound too hard, LOL. I'll give it a shot a little later if I find time to update the blogs. Oh...LOL to the AO Hell. I find blogging there so much easier than here, but I didn't know that people couldn't comment if they weren't a member. Thanks for going out of your way to lend a hand, I really appreciate it!

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