Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cherry-OH Wristlet

Cherry-OH Wristlet
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Hello Readers. A gray and dreary day here in MN--perfect for staying inside and crafting and playing on the computer!

I took a little time off from the crafting, just a little "after Christmas veg out"! LOL But, I had a fun swap with Curious Zoo (who I met through Flickr) and she sent me this beautiful cherries fabric and a bunch of other goodies in return for some of my handcrafted items. The fabric was just what I needed to incite me to go and do a little new crafting. I have made a couple new little wristlets, including the cherries one pictured here. There is also one I call "Groovy Chick" which features a funky retro mod floral fabric or two and a little chick applique. I really like them both!! You can check them out (and even purchase them if they strike your fancy--you know my prices are very reasonable!) in my Etsy shop. I made a little cherries card wallet to match the wristlet and that is being offered as a package deal with the wristlet. I also made a little padded pouch with the cherries fabric (see, told you--it incited me to action!) which would be perfect for an MP3, cellphone, camera, sunglasses, etc...).

Well, I need to go visit some of my favorite blogs and see what they have been up to---thanks for stopping by!


Brooke said...

This is a cute blog, and I love this little wristlet, even if I don't quite know what a wristlet is. :)

Hooray for Etsy and the handmade revolution! ...'n stuff...

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks Brooke!
Yup! Hoorah for Etsy! lol
A wristlet is just a smaller purse that has a strap to go around your wrist instead of a shoulder strap. Don't feel bad about not knowing, I just recently heard of them myself--I made one for myself and surprisingly I really like it!
Smiles, Karen

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