Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mrs. Little goes to Market

Hello Readers. As many of you know, I enjoy working with retro fabrics, particularly the styles from the 30's and 40's--the repro feedsack fabrics. I'm always on the hunt for them. We live in a medium size city (around 85,000 ppl) and there are only 3 quilt shops in town and a Hancock Fabrics for me to find fabric. So far, I have bought some retro fabric in ALL the lines that they carry (which isn't much) LOL!! Thank God for the internet!! Yeah!

I signed up to do the Fabric Shop Hop last year, which is where you sign up and then are given a listing of all the participating shops and you just go and check them all out! Fun. You also get the scoop on special sales and a chance to win bigger prizes for completing the hop. This is a good way to find shops that carry what you are looking for. I found my favorite online fabric shop that way---Wish Upon a Quilt. A nice little shop, with good prices, and they run some good sales too! I urge you to check it out. There is also the ReproDepot--another great find if you like the repro styles.

So, any shops you would like to share? Where do you find those little treasures that make you smile?


Joni said...

Oohhh neat site Karen! I love the changes. I wonder if you can add your Yahoo blog to the links. I wanted to go visit but have forgotten the addy.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks a lot Joni! I just took the plunge and switched...really glad that I did. Then I was able to easily add all my links and change all my colors around too, yeah!! Thanks for the reminder-I have been meaning to get back to my Etsy shop reviews, but this was the incentive I needed (thanks for the kick in the seat ouch! lol). I added the link and even wrote up a new entry today!
Smiles, Karen

Joni said...

did it cost anything to upgrade your blog Karen? I am wondering... maybe it would be a nice change. Hmmm.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

It didn't cost anything Joni--every time I went to log on to my blog-blogger was sending me a page asking me to switch to the "new blogger" I finally did. :-D

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