Monday, January 29, 2007

Dainty Pinkybird Needlebook

Not too much going on today--kinda boring really. I DID pack up all those little birdies and sent them flying off to their new home in Finland this morning. My hub and I like to get out the maps and look up the places where things are going--we are a little strange that way! We also like to look up words in the dictionary and try to come up with perfect sentences to use the words in or perfect examples of the word. :-D Words like ironic, superfluous, omnipotent..... We are such geeks! LOL The rest of the day was filled up with household chores and errands. That is the price I have to pay for slacking off all weekend! Well worth it! It is nice to have everyone home again, all safe and sound. Ahhhhh.

Here is a picture of my latest little needlebook- it has been listed in my Etsy shop if you are interested in having a cutey little needlebook of your very own!! Swing on by and have a little poke around the shop--c'mon! you know you want to! LOL

Oh, I did just find out that I won a little contest that The Souls Chamber had in her blog--the prize is one of her beautiful little collages. Yeah!! The funny thing is that I had just found her blog, saw about the contest and signed up and won, all on the same day! How Cool is THAT! Anyways, stop by and give her a visit.

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