Monday, January 22, 2007

A Good Day

It was a good day. I got up early --well, I guess 5:27 is pretty early! The coffee wasn't even done yet (we have the automatic coffeepot set to make the coffee at 5:30). I had checked my Etsy shop before I went to bed last night and saw that I had sold a few things that I needed to get packaged up and mailed out this morning. I enjoy sending stuff out. Really. I hand make little boxes for the items and make a pretty little stamped hang tag to match the box, I even like to stamp the address label to match the tag! It's a fun way to start the day and get in a crafty mood. I had one of my favorite customers request a custom order for 4 more of the felty, old fashion hearts, so I got started on those too! The kids had the day off of school today (semester change), so Linds and I went shopping. Not the rush and get the needed stuff shopping, but the leisurely, "hey, look at this!" kind. It's nice to spend time with Linds like that, just the 2 of us. She is 13 now, and busy with friends and school and all that. Then we stopped at the video store and got the movie "RV" with Robin Williams--have you seen that? We went home and made cocoa and popcorn and watched it---and laughed! Man, that is a funny, silly movie! Go rent it! Oh, and Daisy watched with us too, after all, she is one of the girls too! There you have it, a simple yet lovely day--which I need to end now, after all, I've been up since 5:27!! Good night.

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