Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cold enough for ya?

I have the ho hums today something terrible!!

I tried doing some crafting--but just didn't have the creative juices going today, so I just did some organizing instead (boring). I just am not in the mood. I tried watching a movie, but just fell asleep. I'm bored, but it is just too darn cold to go outside and I hate to waste a bunch of gas warming my car up ( it is 11 below right now with about a 30 below windchill). Wahhh--poor me! *grins* So, I am going to sit here at my computer with a big quilt wrapped around me (it is cold in here too) and read some blogs and stuff--that should cheer me up some.

My old cat, Purdy, is restless today too. She keeps following me around and staring at me. Earlier she was in the kitchen and she just started howling--which she never does- so that was kinda weird! It sounded like she was hollaring "Heeelllooooooo", which cracked me up! I have one of those big exercise balls by my computer (I like to sit on it sometimes when I am computering and do balancing exercises) and earlier today Purdy was sitting on my lap--now keep in mind that Purdy is OLD, I mean OLD, she has a bit of kitty alzheimers, she walks like an old lady, and her balance is not what it used to be--and she jumped off my lap and landed on the exercise ball and it started rolling across the floor with her on top of it, like a lumberjack doing that logrolling thing!! She gave me the funniest look and then fell off! OMGolly--I laughed so hard! Well, I am off to read me some blogs. I did post a couple things in my ETSY shop today--a new felt Valentine and another tissue holder---both very cute! Stop in and have a look!! Bye.


ArtsyMama said...

Love this!!! I'm down in the cities (Twin Cities) and it's -7 right must be raw up in Duluth!! Love your blog. So glad i found you:)

Amber said...

Sorry to hear it's so cold for you. I am in Ontario, Canada, so I feel your pain. Those are the temperatures that we often face here as well. Glad to hear you stayed safe and cozy indoors! :)

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