Monday, February 19, 2007

Funky Floral with a splash of fuchsia

Yeah, I know, ANOTHER drawstring bag! I can't stop making them! LOL Isn't this one cute?!! I may have to make one like this for myself. You can get this one in my ETSY shop, if you want. I made a travel tissue holder with this same fabric too, and got that listed in the shop too!

This is one of the fabrics I bought the other day. They had a President's Day sale at the fabric shop--super deals. I went a little nuts. I hate to be a pusher, but I have to make some sales to pay for all the fabric I bought at that sale, lol! I did end up finding a really nice fabric for my home dec sewing--a lovely pale aqua background with shabby chic rose design--it has pinks and greens and pale yellow too. Just perfect! It is gonna look so good! Yeah!

Hey! If you haven't signed up for the drawing yet--better do so now! Look 2 posts down from this one for all the details. I will be drawing for that custom made drawstring bag on Wed. evening--so, if you did sign up, check back and see who wins! Yeah! I love the responses I 've gotten so far! Such great ideas and pretty color combos were suggested. Thanks everyone!


ShoezyCakes said...

That is super cute!! I love those colors :)

Pinky said...

L O V E this bag! The colors and the fabric are fantastic!! OH! I can't wait until the drawing tomorrow!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks so much shoezycakes and Pinky!! Shoezy, did you sign up for the drawing? It is happening tomorrow! Yeah Pinky--Good luck! I am excited to do the drawing too.

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