Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toile with a Twist--Is there a CONTEST in the air?

Toile with a Twist
Originally uploaded by misseskwittys.
Toile can be so serious, but not this time, LOL. I added a fun pink polka dot and a black and white dots fabric to this toile drawstring bag--and then added a pretty fabric flower made from the pink fabric--just to cute it up a bit. I made this bag to be the perfect size to use for a lunch bag or gift bag. Freshly listed in my Etsy shop--if you would like to have this for your very own!


I've been thinking (uh-oh!) about having a contest or giveaway on my little blog here AND just this morning , as I was standing at my cutting table looking through fabrics, this just popped into my head! What do people want drawstring bags FOR and what COLORS or THEMES would they be interested in? So, if you want to know what the people want, then ask the people! Right? So here it is--leave me a comment here and tell me:

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have--
What color combo or theme do you like?
What size would be handy for you?
What would you use it for?

I am going to put all your names in a hat- next Wednesday, Feb. 21st- and I will make the winner a bag like the one they suggested (or as close to it as I can, LOL). Yeah!

I look forward to seeing all your ideas! And don't be surprised if I use your idea for a product in my shop--after all, the best ideas come from YOU!


Catherine said...

What color combo or theme do you like? Turquoise and hot pink OR Aqua and coral... also have an unexplainable love of all things paisley

What size would be handy for you? 7x9 for my purse

What would you use it for?
all the extras...lipgloss, change, diaper wipes, snack bars...

Nicole said...

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have--
What color combo or theme do you like?
What size would be handy for you?
What would you use it for?

Nicole said...

sorry. that wasn't what i wanted to do...

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have--I didn't know there were different kinds of drawstring bags...?
What color combo or theme do you like? --I like polka dots and light blue and coral. that would be my ideal bad
What size would be handy for you?--the bigger the better. I am always in need of bags...
What would you use it for?--I would use it for school... or clothes... or my makeup.. or when i go to stay at a friends house overnight... anyhting and everything i could.

by the way... my username is nuemj

artandghosts said...

i love the idea of a polka dot bag, simply because im polka dot crazy! though i quite like black and white stripe combo's too, or red and white....or anything slightly whimsical, contrasty and vintage.

size is irrelevant, but i can see myself storing sewing embellishemnts in them, or coloured pencils, all sorts of oddities!

i love the one you already made though, and your shop too! nice to have discovered your blog:)

Ashley said...

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have-- One just like the ones you make!
What color combo or theme do you like? Besides the toile one, I would love one in Robin's Egg blue with cream and brown accents and a bird/nest theme (maybe with a little nest and eggs!) and maybe some stars :-D
What size would be handy for you? Around 8 x 12
What would you use it for? To take my lunch and a small paperback novel to work with me.

my etsy is

Pinky said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Okay, I'm gonna have to think about this one, I love little bags!! I'll come back when I'm not rushing through!! HUGS and great idea!!

altjoujou said...

I could always use one as a Project Bag --for when my son is in piano class or ball practice and I sit in the car with a few art things --sketch pad, pencils, pastels, clay & tools, etc.

to throw in my makeup/jewelry/toiletries for traveling.

I like the toile. And florals. And I like paisley, too! Stripes make me look fat unless they're vertical. ;)

Size? Well! You know the larger it is, the more I'd cram in there!

Joni said...

I have a little different tastes I guess I love the country type fabrics- gingham, floral, maybe flannel, in blues, yellows, pinks and purples.

A 12"x 7" bag would be a good size for just about anything I think.

I would use it as a gift bag maybe loaded up with lotions, lipgloss and soaps or maybe just full of candies. Or I would use it for my embroidery projects I take on the road. Or I might use it as a travel bag for tolietries (might need to line it for that use.) Or maybe you could do one for dog lovers to keep their leashes, collars, etc in while not in use and hanging in the closet. I could go on.

Also a drawstring bag with locking mechanism would be neat. So you could lock it closed.

theresa said...

I would go for one to hold stamping supplies--you know, throw some pads of ink and some alphabet stamps in.I have something like that now but I could always use more. It would be nice if it was sturdy--maybe a canvas material.
Colorwise--hmmmmm....nothing too frilly--I love all colors so anything could go I guess.
7X9 sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

I think a chocolate brown with turquoise would be nice and would be ideal colors for a shoe bag. This time of year you often need to wear boots, but put your shoes on at work and what thing would be better than to have a stylish bag to carry them in.

Anonymous said...

well I know you'd never guess that I'd like cats on my bag and I love your retro stuff. A little pocket on the outside might be cute too. I'd like a little bag for my sunglasses. I wear those dorky kind that fit over my glasses and am always misplacing them.

Joyce (beeblecat)

Nina said...

I would like one for my husband to put his pajama shorts in so I wont find them thrown on the bed or in the bathroom behind the door and I would like it brown with words on it made for a male LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I have SO many ideas and SO many needs for drawstring bags.

Colours for me would be earth tones...browns, greens, oranges, tans...subdued colours...soft. I LOVE swirls and abstract designs. :)

Idea #1: For a cellphone. It would be cool to be able to tie the drawstring bag to my purse, or attach it with a Velcro band of some sort...but have the drawstring part of the bag separate from the tie/Velcro band, so that when my phone rings, I can just pull the drawstring, retrieve my phone and answer it, without it coming unattached from my purse. I guess in this instance the bag would have to be lined with some sort of waterproof material. :)

Idea #2: Same idea as #1, except a larger size to keep doggie treats in, maybe 5x7. I could tie it to my fridge or cupboard door when I'm at home, but then easily remove it and tie it to me when I take them on walks. That would be fantastic! Oh! And I could put bags in there too for when I have to stoop and scoop. :)

Idea #3: Exact same idea as #2, but this one I would use at my desk to hold hand cream, lip balm and mints etc. Those are necessities for me and when I'm spending lots of time at my computer (which is not rare for me...hahaha), I am constantly dipping into my desk for these items. It would be nice to just reach over to my drawstring bag that I would tie to my drawer, pull the drawstring, and retrieve my goodies. :) I bet it would help stave off some RSI too!

You don't have to enter all of my ideas in the contest, I don't want to so feel free to just pick one. ;) And please feel free to use these ideas if you want and you'll most likely see me picking these items up from your shop forsure! :)

This was so FUN! Thanks Karen. :)

Sharon said...

OOOHHH, another beautiful craft creation by Karen!! The size is perfect to carry around my sock knitting. How about using Amy Butler or Kaffee Fassett fabrics? I like red/aqua combinations and I still love anything with cherries! :)

Pinky said...

I know what I want!! I was actually laying in the bed thinking about it last night, is that sad? LOL!! Okay here it goes:

I think a 5 x 8 size would be great in colors of aqua and spring green with hints of a warm chocolate brown. And I want one so that I can put all my hair accessories in it! I have to share a "hair pony" box with Baby Pinky and I can never find mine. SO, I would love to have a place that I could put my hair clasps, pony tail holders, etc.

I would love to have one like this, so even if mine doesn't get picked, I may contact you about a custom! YAY FOR MRS. KWITTY!!

jane said...

i would love a pink drawstring bag with embellishments such as rickrack, lace, flowers, buttons, stripes, dots, etc. anything to accentuate it. maybe with a mixture of yellow, blue, or lavendar.

the size of a small bookbag (maybe could fit 3 books) would be great. i usually carry a reading book and journal in my totes.

i would use it to carry around books, journals.

Enthral said...

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have--

What color combo or theme do you like?

I like bright colours, green, pink, and a mix of unexpected colours is good.

What size would be handy for you?

Big - like beach towle size big

What would you use it for?
The beach, or hauling around all the various paraphanelia that my kids require!

Jenn Maruska said...

Hi there - what a fun contest!

Ah, the possibilities are endless...

I could think of a hundred uses for one of your pretty fabric bags!

I really like color pairings that liven each other up, like green and pink or brown and purple...

7" x 9" would be a great size for me. I would probably start off using it to hold "projects in progress" to keep all my buttons and fabrics together for a specific project so that nothing gets misplaced.

I don't have any drawstring bags in my studio - so I could really use one.

Love your blog!

: ) Jenn

Ann-Margret Hovsepian said...

This sounds fun! :)

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have: Something utterly cheerful and fresh!

What color combo or theme do you like? Red and apple green

What size would be handy for you? Something like 8x10 or 9x11 -- big enough to hold the supplies for whatever project I'm working on.

What would you use it for? Erm, what I just said :) hold the supplies for a project, keeping everything together in one place and making it portable.

Jen said...

Entering the contest...

What kind of drawstring bag YOU would like to have-- I prefer the drawstring bags that are NOT quilted, but rather have some type of applique to them - flower, fancy thing, etc.

What color combo or theme do you like? as I said on your flickr picture, i love spring/summer colours. i'm really into turquoise/red right now, but pink is always nice, and so is light green. those two look nice together.

What size would be handy for you? Hmm... I always seem to want to put notebooks into my bags - but that's why i should use TOTEBAGS when I need to do that. In this case, I think a bag that is a little bigger than a piece of 8x11 paper.

What would you use it for? Being pretty.

I also think that these types of bags are beautiful for wedding ceremonies- for the bridesmaids.

ikkinlala said...

The two things I'd be most likely to use a drawstring bag for are as a gift bag and to carry around a project to work on. For either of these uses, I'd probably want a bag in the 8x11 or 9x12 range - big enough to hold a wide variety of things, but not too big. I like fairly quiet colours, like denim blues and muted or dark greens, and quiet patterns (usually abstract or nature-based).

Joules said...

I love the drawstring bags you are already making, so I'm not sure how helpful my comments will be!
Of course, I always enjoy the retro themes, and really like the way your bags always look fresh and retro, at the same time.

The prints you are using are wonderful! I'd love to continue to see a variety, in blues, white, and purples, lavenders, with maybe a vintage button on a pocket?

I like the current size of 8.5 x 10. Maybe a jumbo size would be nice too, and a smaller sized cell phone holder, or purse size version as well.

I like to pack using drawstring bags, so it would most likely be for travel, or inside my purse.
Of course, with bags this pretty, I would like to find a new use for display, perhaps in my powder room, filled with great smelling LUSH products.

Brenda said...

I love all your bags, you've used some great fabrics. I think it would be neat to have co-ordinated bags in different sizes. I'm a knitter, and they'd be great project bags.

Kelli said...

Wow...I can think of plenty of uses for a drawstring bag. Here are a couple:

I'd like a kid-themed bag, for my son to put his toys in when we go places. I think a good size would be about 6"x6" or something like that. A color combo that would be good for a little boy would be something like camouflage, orange, blue, football-team logos (my son loves the Raiders), movie-themed (Star Wars, for example), or toy-themed (legos, cars, etc). It would be a great way to let my son bring a few small toys to a restaurant or waiting room, without having to carry it all in my purse.

As far as something for me, I'd love a makeup bag to keep in my purse. I actually love the toile bag you just made because it matches a purse I just custom-ordered. However, other color combos I like are brown & blue, pink & black, olive green & pink or pale blue. I also love toile, argyle, and plaid patterns. I love any kind of decorations that screams "Grandma's wallpaper". ;) The ideal size for this would also be around 6x6 or slightly larger. If I loved the bag enough, I'd probably also buy one to carry my book thongs around with me (to sell at work or craft fairs). Currently, I'm using a little box, which is too clunky to fit in my purse.


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