Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Dapper Gentleman

A Dapper Gentleman
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Hello friends! Well, today is the last chance to get into the drawing for the drawstring bag (see 4 posts down). The cut-off time is 5:00 cst. I will do the drawing this evening (after mass--it is Ash Wednesday). So, if you want in, leave your comment in that post down there and good luck!! Here is who I have so far
Catherine, Sharon
Nicole, Jane
Art&Ghosts, Enthral
Ashley, Jenn Maruska
Pinky, Ann-Margaret Hovsepian
Treasurefield, Jen
Joni, ikkinlala
Theresa, Karin (MagicForestCreations)
Good Luck Everyone!!

Here is my latest creation! I was cleaning out a drawer down in my workshop and found the drawing of him in an old art/idea journal! I can't remember where I had found him originally, probably an old BH&G mag. or book--he looks like that style. He is so handsome, I just had to do something with him! So he was drawn onto muslin, hand embroidered, and then I colored him with a method I developed a few years back to make things look antique-y and a little scruffy. He was made into a pillow doll. You can find him in my ETSY shop. Bye for now!!

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