Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Craft your fingers to the bone and what do you get?? Boney fingers!

Hi--it's boring old me again! lol I have nothing new to talk about. Just crafting and doing the Mom thing--as usual. I have a little extra running to do now--Joe joined the Academia Squad in his ROTC class and Lindsey just got into the Dance team at school--so proud of them both! So that means even more taxi service for me! lol I swear I spend half my life in the car. Another reason to love the portability of embroidery.

Trying to get ready for this show this weekend--which I'm really looking forward to. I go in with a friend--we get a big space and split the cost and just combine our stuff. Her and I have been doing the shows together for about 5 years now. Last summer she and her husband sold their home in town here and moved up to their cabin--about 5o miles from here--so I don't see her much anymore, AND it is a big deal for them to get to town for the shows. So, we are only doing this one show this year together ( I may do another one or two myself, MAYBE-- if I run across any that sound interesting). I may just hang in and see what happens with Etsy this year--I don't really know yet. You know, just flying around here by the seat of my pants--living reckless! LOL ;0D

Oh, and I spoke with Misty today--she is doing so well in her new place! It just makes me so happy that she is doing so well. Thanks so much for the prayers on her behalf--they have really helped so much!

Well, I'll leave with a few pics of some of the new things I've been whipping up. I will have to bring a lot of the stuff I have in my ETSY shop with me to the show, so if you have your eye on something, you may want to grab it now!

This is a 2008 planner--with a handmade colorful cover and lots of pockets, ofcourse!!Retro Verde Coaster Gift/Desk set. I reached back--way, way, way back--to my high school years , the 70's, for the inspiration for this newest desk set.How about some really colorful cuteness?? Another little tin bucket pincushion--in such a fun fabric, not for shrinking violets!

***a little add on--I've decided to run a special from today until Friday afternoon--10% off orders over $20. See my shop for details!***


Jenn Maruska said...

Love the orange and green - it's fun to mix up the colors once in awhile, huh?

: ) Happy Halloween!

Junie Moon said...

As always, you have the sweetest ideas and your implementation is always flawless.

She'sSewPretty said...

Well, I didn't think it was boring at all. I wish I lived close enough to do a show with you. that would be fun!

Kerry and Rachel said...

Love the new things. That planner is absolutely adorable. What fabulous colors!
And about those caps, no worries, my craving is a latte at 3:00.

KJ said...

Of course, you know that I love everything. But, the little stockings are sweet! You just continue to amaze me with your productivity! You go girl!

Hugs, KJ

Lucy said...

You definitely are productive! Like Jenn said, it's nice to try different color combos together and see how they come out-the orange and green are retro but refreshing! You tin can pincushion is adorable!


How come when I work my fingers to the bone, I get bony fingers, but it never works when I work my butt off? LOL!

You should do great at your show 'cuz your work is terrific!

iSew said...

Oh Misses Kwitty, I love the new desk set. You're a star!

Euphoria said...

Beautiful goodies, as always!!

PS- you're SO not boring!

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