Sunday, October 14, 2007

OMGosh---Christmas is Coming

Yeah!! I finally finished up my wholesale order and got it off in the mail--here it is:I sell to the cutest online yarn shop--The Loopy Ewe--and she orders 20 drawstring bags and 20 knitting needle cases at a crack. She gives me full artistic license (which means she lets me pick whatever colors and style I feel like at the time) with each order, which is fun! It is really a challenge to come up with fun and fresh colors each time and the order usually takes me around 60 hours to complete. That is why I tend to ignore my blog for a week or so while I'm in the midst of her order! lol

My niece, Rissa, had her first horse riding competition this weekend--and she cleaned up on the ribbons!! Congrats Riss--all your hard work really paid off! I'm proud of you :-) I used to have a horse when I was about her same age (15) until I graduated from high school and moved out of the house. I spent many happy hours riding, and jumping, and just taking care of and loving my horse Precious. Sigh.

OK--who's starting to feel the Christmas season breathing down their necks?? Huh? Is it just me. I have a big show coming up the first weekend in November, and I don't have anything done. Panic is starting to rear it's ugly head! lol It's just so hard to think Christmas at this time of the year. Time to get in the zone! I usually do a couple new ornaments each year and I have people who seek me out at the fairs to get the new ones each year--so I would hate to disappoint them! So I am going to really try and get myself in the mood starting tomorrow morning! I'll have to get my Christmas albums out--and maybe put some twinkle lights out down in the craftroom!

I did get a couple new items made up today. I bought this gorgeous new fabric on Saturday, in a beautiful brown and robin's egg blue--paisley and dots. I just love it. I did up some of my checkbook covers and some bifold card wallets with the birds on them--which I will be listing in my Etsy shopI couldn't get the color right in these pics, but the bird is really a pretty pale blue with brown dots.

I also did up a pretty and girly drawstring bag in a peachy pink and blue. This will be listed in my Etsy shop too!Well, I guess that's enough gabbing for tonight. I have to get to bed early--Christmas is coming! :-D


Queen Bee said...

I love the little bird wallet, really cute :)

Junie Moon said...

Lovely things you have going on there! I don't want to think about Christmas...please don't make me. I have some Christmas done but am behind.

She'sSewPretty said...

I really need to start on Christmas ornaments for my boutiques too. Any great ideas you want to share? LOL


Yikes! I haven't even STARTED on Christmas. I guess I don't really need sleep. Just keep the coffee coming.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Thanks gals! JunieMoon--sorry!!*wink*

I certainly didn't mean to make you all as anxious as I am, lol!

Smile and breathe, Karen

Dinah said...

I'm definitely feeling the Christmas season around the corner!
But it looks like you're keeping up better than I am.

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